Work experience blog - Ewelina Kosinska

9 June 2017
Author: Ewelina Kosinska

I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed my work experience placement at the Place! The atmosphere in the building is phenomenal and everyone made me feel welcome and at home. I was lucky enough to work all around the building with many departments.

Beginning with a tour of the building to having exceptional discussions with the staff from Development and Fundraising, Costumes department, London Contemporary Dance School staff, Richard Alston Dance Company, Theatre and Artistic Development staff, Children & Youth Dance, Creative Learning Partnerships, Centre For Advance Training, Marketing and Technical insights of the sound and lighting of the theatre including a tour.

The highlight of my week was definitely having the opportunity to observe the second year contemporary class and first year ballet class from London Contemporary Dance School, as it gave me a wonderful insight of what I could gain from joining the school and helping me decide where I would like to study in the future. As well as this, I had the pleasure of talking to many people throughout my week who were all very keen on answering every question I asked and discussing their job; I found this the most helpful part of my placement as I explored the many different careers within dance I never heard of and gaining a lot of knowledge from all the amazing people I spoke to.

I have been involved with many tasks throughout the week, the first task was to note down what each member of staff included in their bio on the school website and it was fascinating to discover where all the faculty in the building came from and their background. My second task was with RADC researching different schools around England that the company could provide workshops for. On Wednesday I worked with Lia Prentaki in the TAD department on a show she was producing called “Mothers” and I was researching different organisations and people’s reviews on them to explore which organisations would be suitable to promote the show; after I observed a staff meeting in which they discussed all the productions evolving; it was interesting to see how they deal with any problems or changes that come up in their job when producing a show. In the afternoon I observed an RADC rehearsal which was truly spectacular, after which I shadowed the duty manager role of an evening show. Being a performer I have never had an insight of what happens outside of the performance so it was very refreshing to observe all the preparations leading up to the show behind the scenes. It was extremely useful being able to have a conversation with LCDS audition organiser Beth who explained the audition process and application for LCDS which is always useful for any dancer who wishes who progress into a dance school. I gradually interviewed most staff members especially in the CLP and CAT departments and found it exhilarating to hear their stories about their careers and to which they gave me amazing advice that I will definitely take into the future as well as being heavily supported by Keira Marron who organised my week so incredibly well.

Every part of my week has been productive and eventful and I will treasure the memory of this placement forever as it has widened my vision of the industry and made me more open to new opportunities.


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