Eva Recacha

Eva Recacha trained at London Contemporary Dance School, where she now teaches Composition and Choreology.

Eva's choreographic practice is focused on exploring ways of relating movement and text, creating a blend of poetic, humorous, and nonsensical juxtapositions through the interplay of both mediums.

Eva has performed in the UK with Frauke Requardt and Lost Dog, with Proyecto Babel in Spain and with inFlux in Switzerland. In 2001 she founded Proyecto Babel, a dance project focused on interdisciplinary and site-specific work. With Proyecto Babel she made work for urban landscapes such as the Caixa Forum in Barcelona and the Goya Fountain in Zaragoza. Eva is a recipient of the Marion North Mentoring Award 2011-12.

Since 2009 Eva has been making her own work in the UK. She was a Place Prize Finalist in 2011 with her work Begin to Begin: A Piece About Dead Ends, and again in 2013 with The Wishing Well. Her work P&J, a commission for EDge inspired by Punch and Judy, toured the UK and Europe in 2011. Eva’s latest work Easy Rider was presented at The Place as part of the Spring Loaded season 2014.


Easy Rider (2014)

Easy Rider, reflects upon faith, tradition and delusion. Eva Recacha looks at the human compulsion to engage with superstitious beliefs and practices in the pursuit of happiness. Creating a concoction of religion, customs and self-help manuals. In Easy Rider, Eva draws on first-hand observations of ritualistic behaviour in her native Spain. Much like her Place Prize Finals 2013 piece, Easy Rider is a theatrical rite, an unraveling of the pure essence of our need to belong. It reflects our own beliefs and passions in a raw and haunting way.

Duration 80 minutes

People on road 6 (4 Performers (inc. Sound Technician), 1 Technician, 1 Director)

Freight Freight OR Table acquired at venue

Wraparound Masterclasses for professional dancers; Schools workshops; post-show talks

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“Stage properties are combined with carefully composed sound and lighting to create the atmosphere of a bullfight, a Holy Week procession, a confessional reality-TV show… Conviction and daring.” Seen and Heard International

“I really enjoyed Saturday night. The lead performer was mesmerising, at times menacing and intensely funny. I’m generally quite earnest and optimistic about spiritual aspirations, but I can’t deny a lot of the ground they covered rang true. It was all there - the contemporary malaise that motivates people to explore ‘exotic’ practices - meditation, yoga, 5 rhythms, drug and club culture - without noticing those lifestyle choices become another form of ignorance or spiritual materialism. Gripping stuff.” Audience member

Supported by ACE through National Lottery, O Espaço Do Tempo and commissioned by The Place. Eva Recacha is a Work Place Artist.


The Wishing Well (2013)

The Wishing Well is a space inhabited with dreams. For the person who enters it, it can be full of possibilitites or full of rejection. In it, one can devise a thousand strategies to be heard, but in the end, one can only hope.

Duration 15 minutes

People on road 3 (1 Performer, 1 Technician, 1 Director)

Freight No freight necessary

Wraparound Masterclasses for professional dancers; Schools workshops; post-show talks etc

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“Recacha is a talent to watch.”

"Beautiful and deeply inspiring." Audience member

The Wishing Well was commissioned for The Place Prize for dance sponsored by Bloomberg. Eva Recacha is a Work Place Artist.


Bitácora's Book (2011)

Life and Other Games (2011)

Begin To Begin (2011)

P&J (2011) EDge Company

Story Lines (2010)

me and Max (2006)

Muro (2005)

Momentos (2005)

Aguazero (2004)

Asyla (2002)