Resolution 2018

Resolution is The Place’s annual festival of new dance and performance works by emerging artists.

Every year we welcome over 70 UK artists to create original work for one of the most exciting and established London performance festivals. Artists learn from industry professionals through supportive and practical workshops, and present their work at The Place theatre to an audience of up to 300, including industry critics.

Resolution exists to support and celebrate UK emerging artists and continues to attract choreographers and performance innovators of all different back grounds, styles and experiences; from contemporary, to Hip-hop, to Immersive dance theatre and circus, all with one thing in common - an idea.

Do you have an idea?

We want to hear about it.

We’re inviting choreographers and companies to propose exciting ideas for new work that they really believe in.

The festival will run between Jan and Feb 2018 and will feature over 70 works in mixed bills.

Applications are NOW OPEN and CLOSE on Thu 7 Sep 2017.

Applicants must take the time to read and complete the Opportunity, Criteria and Technical Information pages before applying.

Our tip: Don’t try and impress us with fancy terminology – instead try and inspire us with your idea, write it as though you are explaining the idea to a friend and leave plenty of time to complete your application.