Graham Technique (level 2-3) with Genevieve Grady

Summer Dance Courses 2015: week 1

£65 (for the week)

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This Graham-based course focuses on building strength and connectivity using the mechanisms of contraction, release, and spiral. The work will connect immediately to a sense of performance. There will be an emphasis on developing organic initiations within a context of personal development and growth. Each class starts on the floor, preparing the body and mind by working deeply with the breath within a series of highly physical exercises, i.e. bounces, breathings, spirals, pleadings. Standing-work is a development of the work on the floor and will include foot and leg exercises, pliés, and larger combinations, all with a focus on shifting weight and challenging the centre. The class will finish with dynamic exercises travelling across the floor, including jumps and leaps. This course is suitable for intermediate/advanced students with a strong contemporary dance background, with some experience of Graham technique.  

This course runs from 3-7 August and the price quoted is for the full 5 days.


Teacher's Biography:

Geneviève Grady is an independent dancer, choreographer and teacher on the BA programme at Laban. She has performed throughout Canada, the US and Europe, including aerial, film, site-specific projects, fusion and classical roles with Menaka Thakkar and Ritmo Flamenco, and three solos by choreographer Deborah Hay. 

Times: Timeslot 2: 11.45am - 1.15pm
Duration: 90 mins
Venue: at The Place
Level: Level 2 Level 3