Professionals & Artist Development

Pivot Dance is a three year programme for choreographers, producers and audiences which stimulates and enables conversation about the creation of new dance work. It takes place simultaneously in three European dance houses (The Place, Nederlandse Dansdagen and Comune di Bassano del Grappa) and is funded with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The project makes a clear proposition: in order for early career artists to develop their artistic voice and entrepreneurial instincts they need the support of a producer and an audience from the very start of the creative process.

The project focuses on three key areas:

1. Skills development

The 12 participants will each take part in a series of four labs across the three partner organisations which build the relationships between individual choreographers and producers; it will encourage best practice in their working process and develop their skills in articulating their ideas to partners and cultural diverse audiences. The labs take place at intervals throughout 2016.

2. Creation and Presentation

Each choreographer and producer pairing will be commissioned by their local organisation to create a new work. They will be supported throughout the creative process and the three partner organisations have committed to programming all six new pieces as part of high profile international platforms in 2017:

  • August 2017 in Bassano
  • October 2017 in Maastricht
  • October 2017 in London

3. Audience engagement and communications

At the heart of Pivot Dance is a programme of innovative audience development initiatives. Spanning the whole project, each partner will develop an ‘Audience Club’, a real and virtual community for seeing and talking about dance together. Participants of the clubs are supported to develop a language for discussing creative work and, using these skills, they become a key support network for each choreographer and producer as they develop their new performance work.


Pivot Dance is a project funded with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union