Admin, Finance, Communications, Development

Administration and Finance

Chief Executive: Clare Connor

Director of Finance and Resources: Kathryn Martindale
Management Accountant: Elaine Francis
Financial Accountant: Ashar Syed
Finance Support Staff: Zubair Habibi, Kevin Widgery
IT Manager: Stuart Taylor
IT Support Technician: Navin Gurung
HR and Administration Manager: Laura Naldrett
HR Assistant: Kimberley Eade
Reception & Space Bookings Manager: Mafê Toledo
Facilities Manager: Roy Adkins
Building Technician: Barry Daley
Security: Shane Conway
Security: Raja Qaiser Mansoor
Cleaning Manager: Antonio Albuquerque

Telephone: 020 7121 1000



Head of Communications: Caroline Schreiber
Marketing Manager: Rita Chowdhury
Communications Manager: Katie Paling (maternity leave)
Communications Officer: Alice White
Digital Producer: Odi Caspi

Communications Support Assistants: Grace Nicol, Richard Pye

Press (theatre): Elin Morgan elin.morgan@mobiusindustries.com 

Communications telephone: 020 7121 1020



Interim Director of Development: Rosie Neave
Development Assistant: Faylisha Scott

Development telephone: 020 7121 1050