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Best Place Moments

Throughout the year we are releasing snippets of memories, anecdotes, stories submitted by you on our social media. We will capture all of them in a collection on this page. 

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Read some of the Best Place Moment's that have already been submitted:

Hannah Kidd, Former dancer with Richard Alston Dance Company, currently performing in Jonathan Goddard's While You Are Here

It feels very exciting to bring ‘While you are Here’ to the Robin Howard Theatre this week. Jonathan Goddard and I met at The Place whilst dancing for Richard Alston Dance Company back in 2007 and since that time have continued to work together on many projects. It is wonderful that we now get to share While You Are Herewith The Place audiences. 

Tiffany Evans, Dance Theatre Marketing Consultant
"My first visit to The Place was in 1996 to see V-TOL Dance Company's By Force of Fantasy. I had never experienced dance theatre before. The physicality and visceral impact of this show and company blew me away. After seeing it I quit my job and got the job of Marketing Manager for V-TOL. I'm not joking when I say it changed my life." 

Gary Clarke, Artistic Director of Gary Clarke Company

"The first time I showed work at The Place as part of Spring Loaded 2006 was a huge stepping stone for me.

Coming from a small mining village in rural Yorkshire the opportunity to showcase my work in one of London’s most prestigious dance houses was a very proud moment"

Josh Ben-Tovim, Co-director of  Impermanence
"I remember coming back to The Place after I'd been living away from London for a few years... and saying hello to a few people I'd not seen in a long time and smiling at half recognised faces filled me with a sense of being part of a community and made me feel that Contemporary Dance was somehow alive and well!"


Richard Alston, Choreographer and Artistic Director of Richard Alston Dance Company
“I can still vividly remember when Robin Howard first brought me here to see this shell of an old building. The theatre as it now is was a drill hall, complete with rain leaking into buckets and the forlorn remnants of a party (wilting balloons caught in the rafters). What is now the café was evidently the rifle range with shooting targets and bullet holes (!) in the far wall. Since that day I have held on to countless other fond memories of The Place, my artistic home for 50 years.”

Kai and Taylor, students on The Place CAT scheme 
"Presenting at FRESH and The Place Youth Dance Platform." and "spending 5 years dancing and learning at The Place, Centre for Advanced Training".

Amy Bell, Dance Artist and Artist Development Manager at The Place
"I was a student at London Contemporary Dance School when the 7/7 bombings happened in 2005. They happened the day before our end of term sharing. It was shaking, smothering, saddening, discriminating. London felt surreal. On the day it happened it was phenomenal that within a couple of hours, The Place staff created a network of checks and managed to account for every student and member of staff. The day after we weren’t sure whether dancing so close to where people had lost their lives would feel appropriate. But after talking about it we decided to go ahead with our end of term sharing as a statement of community, togetherness, love, compassion, to move together to be together. It was incredibly potent and was the first time I really understood what it meant to be part of a community."

Maria Ryan, Creative Learning Producer at The Place
"In 1994 on April Fools Day I created an audition notice for EDGE - The Place's postgraduate dance company, saying Christopher Bruce was coming to watch class to choose dancers for his new work Lirp Aloof (anagram of AprilFool). It was hilarious..."

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