19 May 2016
Author: Marc MAris (Pivot Dance)

Pivot Dance Lab 2 - The Netherlands

Lab 2 – The Netherlands – 29-31 March 2016

In the second lab of the European project Pivot Dance in the Netherlands, the two Dutch choreographer/creative producer duos further explored their collaboration. During three days, lab leader Peggy Olislaegers facilitated a deep and intensive dive into several topics such as: creating an artistic team, developing shared leadership, giving and using feedback and articulating the desired processes of making.

Day 1

Those present on the first day include: the two duos Iván Pérez/Joriene Blom and Dario Tortorelli/Fred Bax; two Dutch writers Maaike Schuurmans and Lisa Reinheimer, who are following the process in the Netherlands; and two external creative producers who were interested in the project were present. Peggy asked everyone to introduce themselves sharing what they professionally feel responsible for. After this Iván, Joriene, Dario and Fred shared their latest experiences in developing their future work, introducing different both artistic and production-based questions that they needed to answer in order to move forward. Next to this the duos practiced their competences to further communicate their plan, preparing their meeting with potential collaborators on day 2.  
In the afternoon Peggy interviewed Ed Wubbe, choreographer and artistic director of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, discussing his way of creating an artistic team and his specific collaboration with his business manager.

Day 2

The second day focused on the possible ways an artistic team can be formed and how you can lead a process with such a team. Both duos invited three potential collaborators to work with during this day. After a first introduction the teams split up and worked on a physical sketch. The task was to share their concepts and research a desired way of working, not just via discussion, but also via preparing this first performative sketch. Both teams observed each other’s sketches, using observation tasks to collect specific feedback.

Day 3

Designing the creation process further, both artistically and practically was the central topic of this last lab day. On this day the choreographer/creative producer duo Giulio D’Anna and Agnèse Rosati participated as well. Iván, Joriene, Dario and Fred were planning their Pivot Dance projects further, dividing their planning into different chapters, each with specific emphasis.
After the lunch, the more experienced duo of choreographer Alida Dors and creative producer Gysèle ter Berg were interviewed by Peggy about their collaboration, with the lab participants joining in with questions as well.  


Pivot Dance is funded with the support of Creative Europe programme of the European Union.  



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