Anthony Missen, Artistic Director and co-founder of Company Chameleon, spoke to London Dance about the new show Beauty Of The Beast which premieres next week at The Lowry where the company are Resident Artists, before touring the UK – touching down in London for a performance at The Place on Tuesday 18 November

Tell us a bit about Beauty Of The Beast...

It’s all about male behaviour and how men interact. It looks at the different faces of masculinity or maleness – the beauty, the beast, the idiot, camaraderie, the strength, the vulnerability and sensitivity. We look at friendship, strength, hostility, and beauty. And we’ve got a brilliant cast of six ( Eryck Brahmania, Lee Clayden, Thomasin Gülgeç) along with two apprentices from the NSCD programme (Theo Fapohunda and Daniel Phung), as well as me!

And what about your music…

We’ve got a massively eclectic score for the show – we’ve got classical, dirty beats, two composers on board – Kevin Lennon and Miguel Marin – so it’s a mix of pre-recorded and original music.

What do you think audiences will gain/enjoy/take home from Beauty?

I hope they’ll feel something and come away with questions or thoughts; I suspect they’ll laugh and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were moved. I think they’ll go on a roller coaster of different emotions and feelings – some of the piece is very hard, some of it is ridiculous and we go to a lot of different places. I think people will also relate their own experience to what they’re watching so in a sense they bring themselves to the performance – they’re bound to recognise in the characters things about themselves or men they know. Everybody has a male figure who has an influence on their lives. 

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