12 October 2017
Author: The Place

Choreolab for 15-19 years: An Insight

This October half term we are welcoming young people between the ages 5-19 to The Place where we have planned a fun, informative and creative day to look forward to.

Our annual Choreolab programme continues to provide an insightful and valuable experience for those interested in furthering their dance experience and for those who want to prepare for future auditions, GCSE and/ or A-Level Dance.

What happens on the day?

Participants will be welcomed to The Place, a vibrant and buzzing environment and home to London Contemporary Dance School, The Place's Theatre and Richard Alston Dance Company.

10:30-12:45pm – Audition Toolkit

Megan Griffiths leads us through helpful tips and guidance on dance auditions, including how an audition is structured and what it might include to build. 

Megan is a performer and dance teacher. She has extensive experience delivering auditions & has been a panel member for a variety of institutions including London Contemporary Dance School and the CAT scheme.

Megan believes the audition toolkit is a great opportunity for a ‘dress rehearsal’ of your audition experience, giving you a safe environment, offering the opportunity to ask questions and explore.

1:30-5:00pm – Choreolab Solos

After lunch, we get creative. Now is the time to explore, try out new ideas and start creating mini solos to take away with you. Supported and assisted by Megan participants will be given helpful tips and advice on things such as:

  • Where to start when creating movement
  • How to translate ideas into movement
  • Developing your choreographic & performance skills

Encompassing the approach to try different and original ideas out, this session puts the ‘lab’ in ‘Choreolab’.

We hope participants will come away with fresh and inspiring ideas, feeling more confident in going forward into future classes, auditions and performances. 

Find out more on our website.


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