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20 July 2018
Author: The Place and Wan-Ning Hung

Meet The Dancer: Wan-Ning Hung

We spoke to EDGE dancer Wan-Ning Hung.

Wan-Ning was born in Taiwan and grew up in the small town of Douliu. She started dancing when she was five. 

You are touring the UK and internationally with 19 dates in 6 countries, what are you most looking forward to about this? 

I am looking forward to performing in the different theatres throughout the tour and growing my experience in the field of performance. As a dancer, I find that the stage is my most familiar and secure place no matter where I am. I like the feeling of working in a theatre and being in a theatre, because once I am standing on stage, that is where I feel free and alive.  

How do the different cultures in the company (Costa Rica, France,  Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, USA and the UK) come together? In which ways do you inspire each other?   

EDGE brings is a very inspiring environment in that everyone came from different countries and had a very different background in dance training. Because of this openness, I feel free to be myself in the group and we all learn from each other. I like having 13 extra family members in London who I can share love with. This is the warmest thing for me when I travelled to the UK alone. 

You are working with four contrasting choreographers, what are the different ways of working and how do you adept to each?

The creation processes of the four choreographers were extremely different to one another, but they all gave company dancers a lot of space to create material and ideas. I had a lot of fun working with everyone and we learned a lot of things from each other through the whole processes.

What can audiences expect from the mixed bill?

Meeting 14 dancers through the very different pieces.

What do you hope to learn and achieve throughout the tour?

Be open minded, allow things to happen and learn from experiences.

What has the process taught you about yourself so far?

The process has taught me that I shouldn’t limit myself first before I tried. Don’t use inertial thinking while dancing, and then I will find more possibilities.

You will finish your tour with a residency in Portugal, teaching and developing new works with 150 young people aged 3 - 25 years, from the region. In which ways do you hope do develop from this collaborative experience?

I have never had an experience of teaching a dance class in English. I think it will be a good opportunity for me to improve my teaching skills, and to share the joy of dancing.

One of your performances in Portugal is dedicated to works created by yourselves, how does this add to your experience?

I haven’t done any choreography since I graduated from university, but I’m looking forward to making my own work and be the dancer for some of us who also want to choreograph this time.

How do you feel being a member of EDGE has helped to prepare you for professional life?

Being part of EDGE has prepared me in many ways. I feel now I know the European dance environment more than when I first arrived in London a few months ago. I enjoy the routine of our full schedule very much; it reminds me that as a professional dancer, I have to consistently work with my body just like I have to eat every day. It also took me to a higher level in many ways.

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