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Centre for Advanced Training (CAT)

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Offering world class specialist training to children and young people with exceptional potential regardless of their personal circumstances.

The Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) is part of a national network who identify and assist young people with exceptional potential, regardless of their personal circumstances, to participate in world-class specialist training as part of a broad and balanced education enabling them to work towards successful and sustainable careers in dance and become the dance artists who lead and shape the future of contemporary dance. The Place has been at the forefront of dance training, creation and performance for almost 50 years. As we enter our 6th decade we are renewing our commitment to placing young people at the heart of the organisation by ensuring we offer extraordinary opportunities for them to access inspirational and transformational dance experiences. CAT plays a central part in this endeavor and as a charity we rely on the generous support of individuals to make it happen.

If you can support CAT and The Place we urge you to do so, so we can continue to inspire and empower young people from diverse backgrounds to take risks and achieve their full potential through world class dance experiences.

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