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Choreodrome 2021 Artists 4 Artists Residencies 

Artists 4 Artists is an artist-led hub activating industry change for the UK Hip Hop community.  

Artists 4 Artists want to address the lack of access to opportunities for Hip Hop theatre makers by providing producing support, artist development & commissioning opportunities. They are artists in residence at Redbridge Drama Centre and have been in partnership with Choreodrome at The Place since 2020.   

“The Artists 4 Artists team tailored their support to my needs. They were easy to reach, attentive, and put my way of working first; allowing me to immerse myself in my process and being available when I needed more advice and support”
- Isaac Ouro-Gnao, Choreodrome 2020 Artists 4 Artists artist 

As we move through this period of global, societal challenges, The Place are working with these questions:  

  • How can dance help us respond to the big questions facing society – social &. racial injustice, care and wellbeing, sustainability, and more?  

  • How can both live and online dance experiences create new connections with audiences and participants locally, nationally and globally? 

  • How are fruitful relationships between artists, organisations, audiences, and participants maintained, deepened and expanded?   

  • What can new models of sustainability and ethical stewardship of resource look like in the cultural sector?   

With these questions in mind, we invite artists to apply for the Choreodrome Artist 4 Artist Research Residencies via this open call. We are keen to hear from Hip Hop artists who are interested in tackling these questions in their work and their practice and also from artists who are looking to work with their own, different artistic questions.  

Artists selected for the  Choreodrome  Artists 4 Artists Residencies will receive: 

  • Artistic and producing support from Artists 4 Artists 
  • Documentation of the residency (photography and film from The Duke Ldn) 
  • Networking opportunities  


This is in addition to the offer available to all Choreodrome artists which includes: 

  • Between 1-2 weeks of studio time for you to develop your own choreographic work  
  • £1200   
  • Free hire of technical equipment to support studio work such cameras, projectors, sound equipment.  
  • Marketing support from our Communications team  
  • Studio sharings and facilitated feedback sessions during each residency  
  • Weekly lunchtime get-togethers with other artists  


For the  Choreodrome  Artists 4 Artists Residencies  we are looking for:  

  • Hip Hop artists whose work is rooted in social, club or street dances 
  • That have been creating performance work in a professional setting for a minimum of 3 years (occasionally less experienced artists are included) – this does not have to be in a theatre context 
  • That are based in the UK  
  • That have a piece of work they want to develop, this could be new or existing work  
  • Will be ready to share some of their ideas with us at the end of the residency  
  • Can demonstrate how the residency will benefit them as an artist  
  • Are ambitious to challenge themselves, their collaborators and us  


For these residencies we cannot support:  

  • Undergraduates  
  • Those based outside the UK  
  • Artists wanting to re-rehearse existing pieces   
  • Artists working with forms that are not Hip Hop  

Please note: Interviews for the Artists 4 Artists Choreodrome Research residencies will take place on Fri 26 Feb only.

Click HERE to find more information about how to apply and the selection process.     

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