Professionals & Artist Development

Choreodrome 2019 Artists

Choredrome is supporting dance artists to research and develop performance ideas.

Below is a list of the artists who will be taking part in Choreodrome 2019 and an outline of their creative projects:

Anders Duckworth & Daniel Persson are developing their piece Well Lit, a personal exploration of cultural and gender identity.

Photos by Jack Williams and Davud

Cathy Waller

Cathy takes up a Reading Room residency at the Wellcome Collection, where she will undertake exploration into the invisible for a new work in 2019/20.

Elinor Lewis

Together with Creative Contributor Hannah Parsons, Elinor's research will focus on developing her work-in-process TIMBER - scrutinising the interplay between ecology, monotony, suspension and risk.

Photo by Tom Elkins


ERRATICA are transforming Raymond Carver’s short stories into a sublime mix of deconstructed sound and movement.

Eva Recacha

Deconstructing a text through choreographic practice. Exploring ideas of time-consuming craft and ambition.

Photo by Camilla Greenwell 

Eve Stainton

Research for a solo. Arachnids, revenge, the queer lesbian body as threat, and digital collage.

Photo by Dawid Laskowsi

Jamaal Burkmar

An exploration into movement inspired by youth and mainstream music of black origin.

Photo by Foteini Christofilopoulou

Janina Rajakangas and Neil Callaghan

Janina and Neil will spend time looking at how to amplify and expand intimacy within a group.

Photo of Janina by Jenni Pystynen 

Photo of Neil by Camilla Greenwell

Kate Scanlan

The Style Years is inspired by 36 years of Hip Hop culture in London told through the eyes of two young men who started Breaking in 1983.  

Kloé  Dean

Man up is a work in progress in response to Kloé’s Dad taking his own life in 2012. 

Photo by Hannah Furness

Mickael Marso Riviere

Searching for visual and physical answers based around the Phantom Limbs Syndromes, working with disabled and non-disabled dance artists

Photo by Mia Rose Nakanishi Riviere

Robert Clark

During Choreodrome I will research VR mediated interaction in which audience can converse/interact with themselves.

Photo by Alicia Clarke

Ruby Portus

Using sequins and satire, Ruby will question how socialised gender affects our use of space…

Photo by Richard Parr

Subathra Subramaniam

Exploring a work for families through dance and play, the science of plastics...  how it's fantastic but if misused, brings drastic consequences...

The Yonis

The Yonis are making their debut album - a wondrous, womanly, wild, whimsical and witchy journey. 

Photo by The Yonis

Thick and Tight

Gay Gardens. Sea Kale. Linden Tea. Nuclear Landscape. Proust. Jarman. Bed of Violets. Exquisite Hour.

Tyrone Isaac- Stuart

Tyrone will use his Choreodrome residency to looks at fractals and recycling to understand how repetition can form a new image.

Photo by Scott Cheap