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Choreodrome 2021 Artists

Choreodrome is supporting dance artists to research and develop performance ideas.

At The Place, our unique positioning within the dance industry allows us to offer artists at every stage of their career the chance to experiment and stimulate innovation. Through Choreodrome, our annual programme for artists with at least three years professional experience, makers are encouraged to explore new artistic territory via two strands: Research Residencies - where artists are commissioned to explore new creative ideas without the pressure of creating a finished product during the residency; and the Research Workshop - where artists can work with a ground-breaking facilitator to further their artistic skills.

Artists 4 Artists Programme
Choreodrome 2021 sees the continuation of a partnership programme with Artists 4 Artists offering tailored producing and creative support to two artists whose work intersects with hip hop theatre.

Below is a list of the artists who will be taking part in Choreodrome 2021 and an outline of their creative projects:

Akshay Sharma 

Akshay will be working on a solo inspired by the surface of the earth and rocks to explore narratives of rupture.

Alicia Meehan  

Through the lens of friendship, Alicia's project When Saturn Returns is a personality-full, rigorous self-exploration into our personal measures of success and happiness, as we grapple with ideas of loneliness and failure.

Carolyn Bolton 

An examination of the emotional, physical, and psychological effects on black people in love. A response to bell hooks, Salvation: Black People and Love

Charlotte Mclean  

And began in 2017. And was postponed in 2020. And will continue in 2021. Solo, dance, stand up, song, ritual, reflection, obsession, therapy.

Clara Bajado

How can two Cultures that are so distant have so much in common? Clara explores the parallels between her Filipino roots and Hip Hop Culture, and how both have shaped her into the woman and artist she is today.

Clara will receive a tailored programme of support from Artists 4 Artists, industry specialists in hip hop theatre.

Dani Harris-Walters

During Choreodrome Dani will be revisiting and extending his engaging and uninhibited solo work Happy Father’s Day.  

Dani will receive a tailored programme of support from Artists 4 Artists, industry specialists in hip hop theatre.

George Fellows / Four Hands 

Through the practices of healing dance and ancestral skills, George's project You were born wild will investigate the tensions between wildness and domestication in young children.

Georgia Tegou and Kristina Pulejkova 

Working with movement in a virtual reality environment Georgia and Kristina envision creating a dance artwork, an interactive experience in which the audience will have the opportunity to become the participant/performer. |

Jasmine Chiu 

Willow is a multi-stranded project that explores mental health in the context of East Asian culture. Collaborating across various mediums, this project is an effort to understand non-Western perspectives of being other.

Jo Bannon 

Jo will be developing Blind Magic. Drawing on techniques found within magic shows, visual disability and audio description Jo will begin early exploration around ideas of  deception, description and the sleight of hand of navigating the world without sight.

Laura Dajao 

Laura will be exploring themes of original spoken-word piece An Ode to Chuckie through hip hop dance, sign language and audio description.

Lewys Holt 

Empty Orchestra is a show wherein three dancers perform their favourite karaoke hits. As each dancer takes their turn at the mic the remaining two perform dazzling choreographies.

Ruby Portus 

A playful new dance theatre show for children aged 6-10 about the decline in bees, and what we as individuals can do to help them. 

Sara Green 

Using motion capture, Sara will explore whether deep-rooted emotion and detailed behaviour can be translated into digital form; contributing to continuing research into innovative methods of presenting dance work in evolving virtual worlds.

Shivaangee Agrawal 

Shivaangee will be building a durational and communal movement practice that explores questions of leadership, non-conformity and collectivity.

Si Rawlinson 

Hand Me Down is a dance theatre show that uses hip hop dance, audio narrative, and words to untangle the stories of our parents, and find the threads that connect to our own.

Temitope Ajose Cutting 

Temi will be using the wild story of Lady Macbeth as a vehicle to explore the parallels found in their own autobiography. How can they create interaction, an immersive experience and participation to tell their story. 

Yolanda Mercy 

A dance-theatre exploration that looks at what it means to be a plus woman in contemporary dance.

Artists 4 Artists

Artists 4 Artists is the UK’s first artist-led initiative working to raise the visibility of the hip hop sector through artist development, producer support and wider industry conversations. Founded by Emily Crouch, Joseph Toonga and Lee Griffiths, Artists 4 Artists over the last two years has worked to commission new work, support research and development phases, broker conversations for work to presented at The Curve Leicester & Laban Theatre and ultimately propel the community forward through bespoke packages of support.

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Banner Photo
Top Row, L-R: Akshay Sharma - Photo by Katy Hewison; Alicia Meehan - Photo by ; Carolyn Bolton - Photo by Jack Thomson; Charlotte Mclean - Photo by Patrycia Planik; Clara Bajado - Photo by The Duke; Dani Harris Waters - Photo by Zec Luhana
Middle Row, L-R: George Fellows / Four Hands - Photo by Peter Miles; Georgia Tegou & Kristina Pulejkova - Photo by Nikolas Louka & Levin Haegele; Jasmine Chui - Photo by An Rong Xu; Jo Bannon - Photo by Paul Samuel White; Laura Dajao - Photo by Christian Otsmo; Lewys Holt - Photo by Matthew Cawrey
Bottom Row, L-R: Ruby Portus - Photo by Elly Welford; Sara Green - Photo by Elle Brotherhood; Shivaangee Agrawal - Photo by Yasmin Centeno; Si Rawlinson - Photo by Dust Flo; Temitope Ajose Cutting - Photo by Camilla Greenwell; Yolanda Mercy - Photo by Polly Bycroft-Brown