Professionals & Artist Development

Choreodrome Research Residencies

What do we offer? 

  • Between 1-2 weeks of studio time for you to develop your own choreographic work 
  • £1000  
  • Free hire of technical equipment to support studio work such cameras, projectors, sound equipment.  
  • Studio sharings and facilitated feedback sessions during each residency 
  • Weekly lunchtime get-togethers with other artists 

Choreodrome is for artists that: 

  • Have been creating performance work in a professional setting for a minimum of 3 years (occasionally less experienced artists are included) 
  • Are based in the UK 
  • Have a piece of work they want to develop, this could be new or existing work 
  • Are working with any kind of performance with movement at the core 
  • Will be ready to share some of their ideas with us at the end of the residency 
  • Can demonstrate how the residency will benefit them as an artist 
  • Are ambitious to challenge themselves, their collaborators and us 

In this project we cannot support: 

  • Undergraduates 
  • Those based outside the UK 
  • Production or post-production of dance films 
  • Artists wanting to re-rehearse existing pieces  


We will award artists selected commissions of £1000. 
We understand that this commission isn’t necessarily going to cover all the costs you might incur during your research. You can use the £1000 to find match-funding from additional partners and funders to make your project viable. You’ll need to tell us about how you propose to fund your research on your application form. If you are invited to an interview we will ask you for more details about this, and can also provide advice on how you might look for additional support. 

Artists 4 Artists Programme  
We will be offering 2 Artists4Arists commissions for artists that are working with hip hop. These artists will receive a tailored programme of support from Artists4Artists, specialists in hip hop theatre.
Wellcome Collection – Reading Room residencies  
There will be a number of Reading Room residencies available through The Place’s partnership with the Wellcome Collection. Those awarded a residency will receive an additional £500 and will spend at least 15 hours undertaking research in the Reading Room, a public space within the Wellcome Collection in Euston that is a ‘spectacular hybrid of library and museum’.  

You can indicate if you want to be considered for the Artists4Artists programme or the Wellcome Collection Reading Room residencies on the Choreodrome application form. This does not limit you from being considered for other Choreodrome support opportunities, however a maximum of one commission can be awarded per application.    

How do we select participants? 
We usually receive a large number of applications to take part. From these applications we’ll invite a small number of artists for a short interview to discuss their ideas in more detail before we are able to offer a commission and studio time. 

This selection is carried out by a team of producers and programmers who work at The Place, as well as producers from other organisations. If invited for an interview, you’ll need to tell us how you’ll use the resources – money, space, technical equipment – to work on your ideas and also show how your experience is going to help you make this time valuable. 

  • We are looking for all kinds of new ideas from many different areas of dance and choreography 
  • Alongside this overall breadth, we are also keen to hear from artists interested in developing ideas for family and outdoor audiences. 
  • We want to encourage approaches that are playful and speculative as well as rigorous and focused 
  • We’re hoping your research will answer lots of your creative questions and generate plenty of new ones 
  • We want you to challenge yourself, us and your collaborators. 

We’d like you to enjoy working for a few weeks amongst a community of other artists. 
If you have any questions about Choreodrome Research Residencies, including queries about the Artists4Artists and Wellcome Collection strands, we will be holding an Open Clinic on the 9th of Jan at The Place. If you would like to reserve a place at the Open Clinic please email   

Deadline to apply for Choreodrome Research Residencies: Sun 19 Jan 2020 at midnight. 


For a PDF version of the application form please click look below. Please note that this version is for reference only - applications will only be accepted via the link above.   

Open Clinic: Thu 9 Jan6pm-9pm at The Place 
If you have any questions about Choreodrome Research Residencies, including queries about the Artists4Artists and Wellcome Collection strands, we will be holding an Open Clinic, if you would like to reserve a place please email