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Donate - The Cohan Scholarship

The Cohan Scholarship is a way of making sure talented students who are on the brink of their professsional careers are able to take creative risks and realise their potential as independent artists. The Scholarship is awarded annually to students from London Contemporary Dance School's BA Honours programme, who show excellence in performance and are about to start their third year of study.

This year Annie Edwards and Natifah White were awarded the Cohan Scholarship pictured above with previous recipients Conor Kerrigan and Georgina Frampton.

“As a disabled performer this award is very special to me as it provides me with that boost and guidance in pursuing a dance career. Not only has it encouraged my potential, but will also enable me to try new and exciting things, sustain my living and provide me with that extra support I may need.” Annie Edwards

“I want to express how thankful and grateful I am for this scholarship. I look forward to using this scholarship in the best possible way to help further my knowledge as a Dance artist, as well as financially assisting me during my last year of study.” Natifah White

If you would like to contribute to the Cohan Scholarship, please email the Development Department.