Dance Beyond Dance

In Dance Beyond Dance, we celebrate our alumni who took their creativity and the skills acquired through their dance education and applied them in new creative adventurers. At The Place, we believe that dance is for life and that dancing teaches life skills that set people up for life-long learning, curiousity, resourcefullness and entrepeneurship. See what paths our alumni have taken!


"Two of the most valuable things I have taken from my dance education are the friends I made, the special kind of bond we have from the experiences we went through together, and the sense of self that I solidified through the challenges I underwent."

Anna Britton - Founder of Coorie Curls 

"Dance was incredibly key in my formation! The discipline instilled was excellent: nothing gets done in one’s life without discipline and daily application."

Kimberly Labor - Author 

"Dance gave me a strong work ethic and a focus which is essential when spending long hours in the studio, albeit a different kind of studio."

Dean Burke - Milliner 

"My training and performance experience have taught me to stand in front of people comfortably and do presentations or sales pitches."

Marianne Maynes - Chocolatier 

"My creative education taught me the importance of not being afraid to try new things."

Maya Lane - Anthropologist