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Is This A Dance? By LAVAELO

When you skip down the street or turn on the spot for no reason; when you stamp your feet in rage or throw your arms in the air in joy... Have you ever wondered ‘is this a dance’? 

Dance artists Eva Recacha and Lola Maury explore this question by letting their bodies take the lead, and imagination run riot through playful games and endless questions. Expect energetic movements, surprising pauses, and absurd situations, with a bit of contemplation on the side. 

This is a show for anyone who has ever found joy in mindlessly moving to music like nobody’s watching. 

Is This a Dance? is an exploration of our bodies in motion and the myriad of different situations they can lead us to, when we let our natural playfulness take the lead. In the work, the dancers let themselves be driven by rhythmic games and questions about dance, that result in moments of absurd but engaging physical games, as well as moments of contemplation and absorption in the physical experience of dancing.

Recommended for ages 4-11, and schools groups from Reception, Key Stage 1, and Key Stage 2.

Is This A Dance? will begin touring to arts centres, village halls, schools and beyond in Autumn 2022.


Company: LAVAELO
Choreography and Performance: Lola Maury & Eva Recacha
Sound: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Text: Michael Crowe and the company.
Educational consultant: Michael Crowe
School Partner: Grasmere Primary School (Hackney, London).
Co-producers: The Place, London