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Dance No 2° by Sivan Rubinstein

In a world of growing division and displacement prompted by conflict, climate crisis, and injustice, can we find hope and common ground in conceptions of ‘home’ and in attachments to place?

As a new generation leads the way in finding spaces of resistance and modes of solidarity, we want to explore what happens when we put the human body and embodied experiences at the centre of our enquiry. (Text by Dr. Sarah Fine).

Dance No 2°  is a futuristic dance that explores our experiences of the changing climate. It will be a performance for five dancers, alongside an original soundtrack by composer Na’ama Zisser. Here, humans are part of the natural world, as animals who are linked within the fragile ecosystem. All the senses are mobilised as we explore how will it look, sound, move, and feel. 

Choreographer: Sivan Rubinstein
Composer: Na’ama Zisser

Sound Engineer: Gal Cohen

Lighting Designer: Ed Saunders
Costume Curator: Olubiyi Thomas
Dramaturg: Xenia Aidonopoulou
Current Cast: Jordan Adaji, Harriet Parker Beldue, Nathan Goodman, Lydia Walker
Original Cast: Harriet Parker Beldue, Ruben Brown, Nathan Goodman, Monika Blaszczak, Lydia Walker
Assistant Choreographer for R&D: Paul Davidson
Academic Partner: Dr. Sarah Fine, Senior Lecturer King's College London
Creative Producer: Lia Prentaki

Photos by Bar Alon

Commissioned by The Place in partnership with King’s College London, and Oh Creative Space.


Dance No 2° is supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund.

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