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DONUTS by Jamaal Burkmar

A group of friends are getting ready for their regular night out at a local club, music is playing in the living room. It’s so good, they might stay a little bit longer, dance a little bit longer.

Three friends, three parts of the night set across three years, and the albums that guide them through the journey.

Set to noughties’ hip hop, funk, and R&B classic tunes, DONUTS follows one night separated over several years in the life of a group of friends: how music connects them, feeds their friendship and their need to dance, until it becomes almost like a collective state of trance.

A stunning reminder of the joy to be found in watching great dancing to intoxicating music.

DONUTS is co-produced by The Place, co-commissioned by Warwick Arts Centre and DanceXchange and will tour from October 2021.

Choreographer: Jamaal Burkmar
Dancers: Maya Caroll, Iolanda Portogallo, Amy Hollinshead and Joshua Smith
Lighting: Barnaby Booth
Producer: Treacle Holasz 

Co-commissioned by The Place, DanceXchange, Warwick Arts Centre
Co-produced by The Place
Supported by 
DanceXchange, Strike A Light, Phoenix Dance Theatre and Arts Council England

Follow the process on Instagram: @extendedplaydance


  • Creation in August-October 2021
  • Premiering at DanceXchange in October 2021
  • Touring the UK in November 2021 and February 2022


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