Adult Dance Classes FAQs & Terms and Conditions

•    How do I book a class and how much does it cost?
•    What levels do you offer?
•    What should I wear to class and where can I get changed?
•    Where do I sign in for my class?
•    What is the studio etiquette?
•    How accessible are the classes?
•    Who is eligible for concession rates?
•    Classes and Courses Terms & Conditions (Latecomers, Refunds & Carnet cards)

How do I book a class and how much do they cost?

We have three booking options option here at The Place:

Enrolment bookings

  • This booking guarantees you a space on the class across the whole term
  • This is a one off payment
  • Please note all “Introduction” and “Improvers” classes are enrolment only

Drop-in bookings

  • All of our classes are available for drop in except for the “Introduction” and “Improvers” classes
  • Spaces are dependent on availability and it is a first come first serve basis
  • You can book for these classes from 12:00 on the day of the class- 9:00 for Saturday classes.
  • You can book either online, over the phone or in person

Carnet Cards

  • A carnet card is a prepaid card which must be used in the term during which it was purchased
  • Carnet cards can be purchased either in person or over the phone via the box office 020 7121 1100
  • They come in either 6 or 12 classes and can be used for any of our drop in classes
  • A carnet card allows you to have priority booking from 12 noon the day before the class
  • Please read how to use the carnet card system here.

What levels do you offer?

We offer a range of levels to suit all starting from introduction classes up to our higher level classes.

Ballet Introduction
Created for complete beginners, this 11 week course serves as an ideal starting point from which to take your first steps into classical ballet. This fun and inspirational course will guide you through the key principles, sessions will focus on posture and correct placement of the body, whilst building your coordination and confidence needed to progress on to our Ballet Improvers course.

Ballet Improvers
The Ballet Improvers course is aimed at students who have attended at least two terms of our Ballet Introduction course- equivalent to six months of beginner level ballet. This 11 week course will increase your understanding of classical ballet technique by expanding the key ballet principles that you already have. The class will introduce new movement vocabulary and work towards longer phrases with varying tempos and rhythms; preparing you to move on to our Level 1 classes.

Ballet Level 1
Ballet Level 1 is for students who hold a basic understanding in contemporary or ballet and are looking to develop their technique and increase their dance vocabulary. This class comprises of a variety of exercises at the barre, warming up your muscles and giving your body time to investigate traditional ballet structures. The class continues in the centre applying the techniques used in the barre warm up to longer sequences, such as allegro and travelling phrases.

Ballet Level 2
Our Level 2 classes aim to expand your technical knowledge and performance skills through exercises that are both enjoyable and challenging. You will expand your knowledge of the ballet technique whilst also looking at the construction of movement. Classes will begin with barre work, followed by centre work that will cover port de bras, pirouettes, and jumps. In addition to developing ballet technique these classes focus on increasing your musicality and core strength.

Contemporary Ballet Introduction
Combining both ballet and contemporary techniques, this 11 week course is perfect for beginners looking to get into either ballet or contemporary dance. You will be guided through the key principles in stimulating and fun sessions giving you the skills needed to develop onto our Contemporary Ballet Improvers course. Classes will work towards mobilising the whole body aiming to build coordination and musicality.

Contemporary Ballet Improvers
This 11 week course is a recommended progression from the Contemporary Ballet Introduction course for students who have attended at least two terms of the introduction course- equivalent to six months of beginner level ballet or contemporary. You will recap the key principles of ballet and contemporary whilst building on your movement vocabulary; defining placement of the body and increased self-awareness when moving.

Contemporary Introduction
This popular class is aimed at beginners looking to introduce contemporary dance technique into their life. These sessions will establish some of the key principles of contemporary techniques created by pioneers of modern dance (Graham, Release, Cunningham and Limon). The classes will encourage creativity and physicality through a combination of exercises and phrases. Attention will be paid to alignment and core strength alongside creativity to give you the confidence to progress onto our Contemporary Improvers class.

Contemporary Improvers
This course is recommended to participants who have completed at least two terms of our Contemporary Introduction course- equivalent to six months of beginner contemporary classes. Adapting principles already established in the introduction class you will be given the space to look more in depth at floorwork, travelling, centre practice and coordination. This class will give you the qualities and pace needed to advance to our Level 1 classes.

Contemporary Level 1
This Level 1 class is for participants with some knowledge of contemporary dance and over a years’ dance experience. You will look at a more developed dance vocabulary and a greater sense of body awareness in the space. Classes will work with longer phrases aimed at increasing physicality, performativity and musicality. Working with a more codified structure, you will prepare the body for an increase in activity throughout the class.

Contemporary Level 2
Level 2 provides more challenging phrases and movements that incorporate multiple exercises and movement. Not only will you develop your technical knowledge you will also begin to introduce performativity into your practice allowing for greater expression. Alongside this your body will develop an increased physicality including core strength and balance; allowing you to have greater movement efficiency. You will also be encouraged to work more with the live music and given freedom to play with timings and counts.

Contemporary Level 3
Our Level 3 class is a dynamic class focusing on higher level technical abilities and an increase in physical fitness. Complex movement combinations and content will cover more advanced principles such as agility and the use of weight; whilst at the same time increasing musical awareness through a range of tempos and rhythms. You will increase your versatility in moving and introduce your own uniqueness to the movement with confidence.

Open Level
Open Level is suitable for anyone who has had over a years’ experience in either contemporary dance or ballet. Championing personal development, the focus in this class is less on technique and more on the individual quality and style of movement. 

What should I wear to class and where can I get changed?

Something you feel comfortable in and that will not restrict your movement. Participants generally wear loose-fitted trousers, tights or shorts with a t-shirt or leotard. You may dance barefoot, in socks or in soft ballet shoes.

Please ensure you remove all jewellery and watches before starting the class.

Our changing rooms have showers and the code to access the changing rooms is available at reception.

Please take all of your belongings with you into the studio, The Place is not responsible for anything left in the changing rooms.

Where do I sign in for my class?

All drop-in and carnet participants must sign in before the start of their class with a member of the Front of House team based at the Flaxman Terrace reception.
For participants who have enrolled for the term you will only be required to sign in at the reception on the first class of term.

What is the studio etiquette?

  • You are allowed to be up to 15 minutes late before you are not allowed entry into the class, this is due to health and safety regulations.
  • No shoes in the studio
  • Photography and filming is not permitted in any of our studios
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the studio except bottled water in a plastic bottle
  • All mobile phones must be switched off during class

How accessible are the classes?

The Place is a completely accessible building and we endeavour to make our classes available to everyone. We ask that wheelchair users book their space in classes in advance as class sizes are limited by safe practice requirements.

If you are pregnant or have an injury or medical condition that may be aggravated by taking class, please seek advice from your GP, the Classes & Courses office or the class leader.

Who is eligible for concession rates?

  • Full-time students
  • Senior citizens
  • Equity members
  • Those in receipt of unemployment or disability benefits.
  • Parents of children who are attending our Children & Youth Dance Saturday programme are eligible for concession on Saturday drop-in bookings only.

Classes and Courses Terms & Conditions

  • We do not offer refunds for our classes, refunds will only be given for an injury that is accompanied by a sick note.
  • If the class is full you will be added to a waiting list. If there are spaces after 15 minutes we will allow you into the class.
  • Some refunds may be considered but are subject to a £25 administration fee
  • If you book classes with your carnet card but do not show up to the class this class will still be deducted from your allowance.
  • If you miss an enrolment class this cannot be exchanged for another class.
  • You are allowed to carry over 2 classes for the next term if you have a 6 class pass and 3 classes if you have a 12 class pass.
  • Public observation is not allowed at any time.

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