• What is Startin’ Point Festival?

Startin’ Point is an new festival curated by Hakeem “Mr Impact” Onibudo, which celebrates the connection between music and dance of the African Diaspora. Sounds and rhythms from the African diaspora have been moving us for generations; blues, rock, reggae, jazz, salsa, funk, disco, hip hop, ska, broken beat, house etc. Our bodies have responded very differently to these various genres of music, creating extremely rich and diverse movement vocabulary.

Over three days, Startin’ Point will showcase work that honours the African heritage. It will celebrate the contribution of national and international artists to this legacy and encourage the youth to find their voice and push the boundaries of expression.

  • What is Change Makers at The Place?

Change Makers is an Arts Council funded programme which is part of the creative case for diversity.

This particular Change Makers is a collaboration between Hakeem Onibudo and The Place, which aims to increase the number of BAME in the organisation’s artists, audience and workforce. For more details click here.

  • What are dances of the African Diaspora?

“African diasporic dance denotes those dances and dance traditions Africans brought with them and passed on to their descendants during the great "scattering" or diaspora.”
 - Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History

  • Do I have to be of the African Diaspora to apply?

No, this opportunity is opened to all. The work you submit, however, must be rooted in dances of the African Diaspora.

  • If my work is already 20 mins, can I present the exact same 20 mins at Startin’ Point?

No, the goal of the commission is to offer choreographers support in the development of an existing work. Development can be in terms of time and/or in terms of content. Therefore, if your work is already 20 mins, we invite you to submit it only if you wish to re-work/develop its content.