The Place Online: Frame Rush Festival Highlights

Introduction by London Contemporary Dance School MA Screendance students, curators of the screening.

Subtitles are available, please turn them on in the video settings to see them.

This film will be available until Mon 18 May, 10pm.

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About Frame Rush Festival Highlights

This specially curated programme of dance films by international filmmakers celebrates the diversity and possibilities when two art forms, film and dance, combine. The films featured in this screening were submitted for Frame Rush Festival 2020 in March, a two-day screendance festival curated and run by London Contemporary Dance School MA Screendance students.

Screening Programme

  • Can't Press Repeat - Alice Underwood & Dillon Dance (2019, United Kingdom)
    It started with an idea: 17 dancers, 1 take.
    When you harness the passion, energy and voices of young people... You create magic. This short film was created to highlight the importance of the arts in education.
  • Concrete Kisses - Eloïse Mavronicholas (2019, United Kingdom)
    Hong Kongese dancer Pui Yung Shum moves through the concrete landscape of London exploring intimacies and comfort in a place that's far from home.
  • Stopgap in Stop Motion - Stephen Featherstone (2017, United Kingdom)
    Photographs of performers in a disabled and non-disabled dance company come to life. The individual artists dance out of the photos and across table tops until the whole company meet and perform in unison. Completed in 2016, this is a promotional film for Stopgap Dance Company. All Random Acts can be seen on the All4 VOD service. This is A Little Dot Production for Channel 4 Television Ltd.
  • Yacht Club Swing - Silvia Cherneva (2019, United Kingdom)
    Yacht Club Swing is a pedestrian study of an all-too-poeticised question: the regeneration of cities and what happens to those who were there before.
  • Embrace - Kati Kallio (2018, Finland)
    When Ellin and Raili encounters a connection is born through dance. Embrace is a poetic dance film about importance of sharing and being present.
  • T.I.A. (THIS is Africa) - Matthieu Maunier-Rossi (2015, France)
    Aïpeur Foundou is a congolese dancer and choreographer. Amidst some popular areas of Brazzaville, he shows us one possible way to freedom.

Frame Rush Festival was curated and run by London Contemporary Dance School postgraduate students of the world’s only MA in Screendance programme. 

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