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Frauke Requardt is a German-born, London-based choreographer.

Her choreographic work is characterised by physically challenging choreography, a strong theatricality, dark humour and an overall sense of surrealism. She uses text and live music and a mixture of abstract and emotionally based movement to deliver highly engaging work.

Frauke trained in Germany, New York and London. Although her main pursuit is choreography, she has also performed in Lea Anderson’s work as a Cholmondeley for several years. Frauke was an associate artist at The Place between 2004-6 and alongside Work Place she is also an associate artist at Greenwich Dance. Frauke has presented her work in the UK and internationally, having enjoyed residencies in Colombia, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland and Germany.

Her full-evening works to date include Jammy Dodgers, a fantastical world, with a rolling line up of bands from the London contemporary Jazz scene; the Lynch-esque Roadkill Cafe; and Pequenas Delicias, an absurdist site-specific piece for cafes and restaurants. Her work Episode premiered at The Place on in June 2011.

Frauke has also created a series of works in collaboration with experimental theatre director David Rosenberg: Dead Club (2017), The Roof (2014), Motorshow (2012) and Electric Hotel (2010).


Future Cargo (PRESENT)
Requardt & Rosenberg  

Future Cargo will be Requardt & Rosenberg’s fourth large scale outdoor dance performance. It will use their trademark format of using headphones and binaural recordings to allow the audience to listen to the sounds from within the distant interior space which they look upon. 

Carved into a shipping container, FUTURE CARGO promises a science fiction in which a truck arrives from a distant planet, and contains everything required to colonise Earth. 

Dadderrs (present) 

By Frauke Requardt & Daniel Oliver  

Daniel is dyspraxic and is too slow. Frauke has ADHD and is too quick. They are married and have kids.  

Dadderrs is rooted in their experiences as neurodivergent lovers, parents, and weirdo performance makers.  

Audience are invited to join Daniel & Frauke in the "Meadowdrome”, the fantastical escapist world they have created in response to these experiences. Here they will discover a series of awkwardly intimate and strange actions, rituals, dances, songs, and other dysfunctional activities brought back in time from a post-neurodivergent revolution family fun-time future.  

Dadderrs is a space in which clunky (mis)understandings of bodies and actions can be discussed, explored and ultimately celebrated through ritualisation and play. The performance culminates in an open space where audience are invited to interact, reflect and play in the Meadowdrome with Frauke & Daniel. 


Duration: 60 minutes, no interval  

People on road:  3, 2 performers & 1 stage manager  

Freight: Small van  

Dadderrs is produced by The Place & co-commissioned by The Sick of the Fringe, Tramway & The Place.  Created with residency support from Motherworks. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. 

Mothers (2017)

Godmother, Birth mother, Working mother, Earth mother, Mother-tongue, Motherland, MothercareTM, MILF.

Frauke Requardt (a mother) dunks you in the mess. Mothers is a dance across sticky surfaces with slippery bodies. Time is interrupted (MUMMY!) time drags on (AGAIN! AGAIN!) . This is relentless, this is ferocious, this is euphoric. This is tiny and tender.

Frauke has been making odd, dark and chaotic work for over ten years. In this new performance she is joined by Neil Callaghan and Jake Ingram-Dodd for the mother lode of the mother of all Mothers for everyone… and their mother.

“...simultaneously one of the most controlled and most violently bizarre dance events I've reviewed in a long time” ★★★★ The Guardian (on ‘Episode’)

"Mothers offers an uncanny, and inventive mood diary of the world of early parenting." – The Guardian

Duration: 60 minutes, no interval  

People on road: 4, 3 performers & 1 stage manager  

Freight: Small van  

Co-produced by The Place. Mothers is commissioned by DanceEast, Cambridge Junction, Tramway and The Place, and supported by The Point, Eastleigh. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Supported via South East Dance and Jerwood Charitable Foundation Dramaturg in Residence programme. Frauke Requardt is a Work Place artist. Photography: Chris Nash

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The Roof (2014) as Requardt&Rosenberg

Motorshow (2012) as Requardt&Rosenberg

Electric Hotel (2010) as Requardt&Rosenberg

What We Love (at Richmond Library) (2013)

Episode (2010)

Roadkill Café (2008)

Pequenas Delicias (2008)

Jammy Dodgers (2006)