Professionals & Artist Development


How are Work Place artists selected?
Work Place is a scheme for UK-based artists only. Selection is by invitation: there is no application process. In selecting artists we take the following into account:

  • vision, imagination, quality and creativity of approach to practice
  • ability and desire to articulate and discuss their work
  • potential to benefit from the Work Place and the support it provides
  • ability to contribute to lively, debate and discourse in a group

Work Place artists are likely to have previously shown or developed their work at The Place.

How long do artists remain supported by Work Place?
Each ‘chapter’ of Work Place lasts one year. At the end of the year each of the artists and The Place’s team will mutually decide whether the artist should continue into the next ‘chapter’ or move onto something different. Work Place artists may remain for several years or may move on after just one. Those that leave might return to the Work Place at a later point in their career.

What other support for choreographers does The Place offer?
We support many other artists every year through projects such as Resolution!, Choreodrome, The Place Prize and choreographic workshops. These have open application selections. We choose work for presenting in our theatre either through these projects or by watching platforms, festivals and performances all over the UK and the world.

Can Work Place artists be supported by other organisations?
Yes. Work Place artists may have previously been Associate Artists or Choreographers in Residence at The Place and they may also have support or management from other organisations. We encourage this kind of collaborative support from organisations that have different expertise and resources to offer. Building these types of partnerships is good for artists, organisations and the work they all make.

How is Work Place funded?
Work Place is a strand of core activity for The Place funded through its grant from Arts Council England.

How do I find out more information on the artists?
Details on each artist and their forthcoming performances and projects are available from their websites, listed with their biographies on each artist's page in this section.