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How to Build a Universe and How to End It by Extended Play

Following the critical acclaim of DONUTS, Extended Play and The Place present How To Build A Universe and How to End It . In his latest full-length piece, choreographer Jamaal Burkmar reimagines the formation of our universe with collective human experience at its core. Through a collision of music and movement, audiences are invited to uncover the elemental joy at the heart of Extended Play’s practice.

Formed of two parts, How To Build A Universe and How to End It opens with improvisation. Starting with a set of predefined parameters, seven experienced dancers and a guest participant unite in an intricate choreographic constellation. Embracing imperfection, watch a unique world come to life as each performance delivers its own distinct experience. The second half is the culmination of that creative process, Extended Play’s distinct style of visually striking, mesmerising dance to intoxicating music.

How To Build A Universe and How to End It centres an unrestrained love of music and movement into the fabric of this imagined universe .


Choreographer Jamaal Burkmar
Performers Lou Ditaranto, Dorna Ashory, Maya Carroll, Fern Grimbley, Ruby Abbas, Nana Appiah and Iolanda Portogallo
Company Producer Treacle Holasz / Maternity Cover Zöe Grain
Images & Video Genevieve Reeves


Spring / Summer 2022

  • R&D with public performances at BIDF (outdoor)
  • The Place’s Playground Tour (outdoor children version)

Winter 2022 / 2023: Creation
Spring / Summer 2023: Previews
Autumn 2023 / Spring 2024: Touring