Professionals & Artist Development

James is a London based choreographer and creative director, creating work internationally as both a freelance artist and with his company James Cousins Company, which he co-founded in 2014 with producer Francesca Moseley.

James trained at London Contemporary Dance School, graduating in 2010, and has been choreographing professionally since 2011, the year he also won the inaugural New Adventures Choreographer Award and was described by Matthew Bourne as "one of the UK’s most promising choreographic talents”. 

As culmination of the award he presented two new works in a showcase at Sadler’s Wells London, including the duet Within Her Eyes, which went on to be selected as part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2013, and has since toured globally. It is now featured on the GCSE Dance syllabus in England. 

In 2016 James received a commission from the British Council as part of their Shakespeare 400 celebrations to create a new work reimagining the work of Shakespeare. He created ROSALIND, in collaboration with Korean artists, during a two month residency in Seoul. ROSALIND has toured the UK, Indonesia and was supported by The Place to do a month run at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

As well as choreographing for his own company, he has made works for EDGE, Verve, Scottish Ballet, Royal Ballet of Flanders, Opera Graz, Epic Encounters Dance (Cambodia) and National Ballet of Chile. His commercial credits include Anne Marie, Impulse and Eaves. He has also worked with acclaimed photographers Nadav Kander and Zena Holloway. Most recently he worked with Nick Hytner and Arlene Philips as Associate Choreographer on A Midsummer Night's Dream.

James is also a teacher and mentor, regularly teaching and creating works on degree programmes and pre-vocational programmes. James Cousins Company is also committed to providing exceptional experiences for young people to engage with dance and offers a range of workshops including a specific programme to support learning for GCSE dance. 


Epilogues (2019)

‘When all has been said, do we hold on, or accept the end. 

Sometimes it’s out of our control, sometimes it’s about who we are inside, and other times, it’s not about ending at all but finding a whole other way of being… and beginning again’

"contemporary dance that tells stories that matter" The Observer
"breath-taking tenderness" Wonderful World of Dance
"ability to provoke such deep reflections on human interaction and articulate is so strongly through the body in motion is why James Cousins astonishes." DanceTabs

Duration: 80 minuess

People on road: 8 - 5 dancers, 1 rehearsal director, 1 company manager, 1 production manager

Freight: 1 suitcase, potential lighting hires (venue dependant) 

Wraparound: GCSE creative workshops based on Within Her Eyes, Lecture Demonstrations of Within Her Eyes, Contact workshops, repertory workshops, pre and post show discussions. 

Epilogues is comprised of 3 duets, these are also available to tour separately:

In Between Us Is Me

Duration: 20 minutes

People on road: 2 dancers, 1 company manager

Freight: 1 suitcase

Wraparound: Master classes, repertory workshops, pre and post show discussions. 

The Secret Of Having It All

Duration: 25 minutes

People on road: 2 dancers, 1 company manager

Freight: 1 suitcase

Wraparound: Contact workshops, repertory workshops, pre and post show discussions. 

Supported by Arts Council England. Co-commissioned by The Place, DanceEast, Newbury Corn Exchange and Nottingham Lakeside. Further supported by Studio Wayne McGregor though the Freespace programme. Within Her Eyes was originally produced by RE:BOURNE for the New Adventures Choreographer Award.

Without Stars (2014)

Balanced on the edge of a world without stars, his life unfolds; a complicated web of relationships holds him hostage as he battles with his past and fights for the present.

Duration: 40 minutes (approx)

People on road: 7 (4 Performers, 1 Technician, 1 Director/Rehearsal Director, 1 Company Manager)

Freight: Excess Baggage (TBC)

Wraparound: Masterclasses for professional dancers; Youth workshops; Open rehearsals; Insight days; Post-show talks; Mentoring

Supported through public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and by Dance East and The Place.

There We Have Been (2012)

There We Have Been presents a daringly intimate glimpse into a secluded world of fragile dependency. This touching and emotionally charged duet sees the two performers’ intensely folding, wrapping and balancing, with the female character never once touching the floor.

Watch There We Have Been Trailer

Duration: 17 minutes

People on road: 5 (2 Performers, 1 Technician, 1 Director). Please note that a third performer is required for the performance for a short section to stand with the female dancers on their shoulders. We are happy to use local talent for this role however if the performer cannot be provided by the venue an extra person will need to travel with the company.

Freight: No freight necessary

Wraparound: Masterclasses for professional dancers; Youth workshops; Open rehearsals; Insight days; Post-show talks; Mentoring

“Outstanding… visually breathtaking” The Stage

“…simply one of the most stunning contemporary dance pieces I have ever seen.”

Supported through public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and by Dance East and The Place. Originally produced by Re:Bourne for the New Adventures Choreographer Award showcase. James was supported through the Escalator programme in 2012.

Rosalind (2016)

Inspired by Shakespeare's As You Like It. 

"Vivid and alive"  The Guardian

"Hypnotic and beguiling"  The Times

"Takes your breath away"  Everything Theatre

"A miracle of stamina"  Dancetabs

Watch Rosalind Trailer

Duration: 1 hour, no interval

People on road: 8: 4 dancers, 2 crew, 1 rehearsal director, 1 company manager

Freight: No Freight. But excess baggage: 2 Costume suitcases @ 25kg. 1 Golf Bag @ 35kg

Wraparound: Pre and Post show talks, Repertory workshops, contemporary dance classes

Commissiones and supported by the British Council as part of Shakespeare Lives. Co-commissioned by Arts Counicl Korea, The Place and Tramways, Glasgow. Supported by Seoul Dance Centre and Seoul Performing Arts Festival. 


Everything and Nothing (2012)

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Impulse Crush (2017)

Karate - Anne Marie (2015)

Eaves (2015)