Book Club for Dancers - Independent Dance

24 Mar, 21 Apr & 26 May | 2.30 – 4.30pm

Independent Dance, 85 St Georges Road, London, SE1 6ER

A novel is a place of encounter. We enter the body of the text and experience a consciousness moving through time and space. As we encounter the body of the text, so too does the text inhabit our bodies. How do these words rub up against our imagination? How does the residue of reading make us want to move? What use of space or image is called forth?
Through three workshops, and three novels, we will explore these questions. We’ll share our reading experience with each other and examine elements of a novel’s craft, such as time, place, rhythm, gesture. We’ll explore our responses through movement, creating a zone where our experience as readers and movers meet, where imagination and body speak to each other. As a group we’ll develop our own lens for examining texts, finding fresh ways to engage with our reading in order to inspire us as performers.