Contemporary/Lyrical Jazz Dance (Beginners Class) with Cüneyt

New: Absolute Beginners Class


  • 31 Jan
  • 7 Feb
  • 14 Feb
  • 21 Feb
  • 28 Feb

Where: Studio 6 at The Place, 16 Flaxman Terrace, WC1H 9AT
Time: 18.30-19.30 

About Cüneyt:

Cüneyt trained at the Zürich Dance Theatre School and gained a Diploma from the prestigious Swiss State Ballet School in Zürich under the directorship of Pierre and Ljuba Dobrievitch (Maurice Béjart Dance Company). He is passionate about teaching, having taught dance to adults, children and also students who train to be professional dancers at various dance schools across Europe.

He has danced as a professional dancer in various musicals across Europe (e.g. Beauty and the Beast, Cabaret, Evita), modern dance companies (e.g. Fredéric Flammand, Belgium), TV shows (e.g. with Gloria Gaynor) and in the supporting act for Rihanna. He also works as a choreographer - one of his major highlights was choreographing the musical Grease - and worked with LaVelle Smith Jr. in Switzerland, dancer and choreographer of Michael Jackson.

Class Description:

Cüneyt teaches different types of jazz and musical theatre classes including lyrical and contemporary jazz, which are very emotionel and dramatic, as well as other jazz styles to more upbeat and dynamic rhythms. His warm up involves a range of movements and different types of exercises including isolations, floor work, stretching and extensions to provide a physical workout for the body. There is also a strong focus on technique, with turns and jumps forming an important part of his programme, and exciting music to motivate the students.

A highlight of Cüneyt’s class is always the dance choreographies, which enable you to feel free to express yourself from within through dance. They can also be very powerful, with strong accents in the music, therefore giving a different type of energy in the dance studio – a feeling of an electric atmosphere!

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