InDance™ Barcelona

InDance™ Barcelona is an international platform for artists residing within Europe and beyond. InDance™ Barcelona kicks-off with a dance competition, photography laboratory, workshops and gala night. The first ever of its kind within the heart of the city, InDance™ is a platform for everyone, no boundaries! If you are in dance and have talent you can perform on a InDance™ Barcelona stage. 

InDance™ provides a series of workshops and performances from flagship international choreographers in dance. Participation is based upon completion of payment via our online shop. Upon completion of payment each group, team or organisation is assigned a slot to perform the best snippet of their dance work. The winners of the competition perform within the prestigious gala night alongside established companies and are selected to participate within the next InDance™ platform in Barcelona, London, and New York.

InDance™ Barcelona is a new concept which integrates all aspects of live performance. Held over three days our aim is to provide exposure for talented performers residing within the Europe and beyond. Ultimately we will aim to build a bridge between european and international schools, organisations, agents, choreographers and companies around the world from a variety of genres in dance. 

InDance™ is driven through a passion for creativity and excellence within live performance.

Application details:

A. Steps:

1. Choose your category for entry into InDance™ Competition
2. Choose your InDance™ Workshops
3. Sign up for InDance™ Star Lab, a professional photo shoot
4. Register and pay a participation fee for Competition and Workshops 
5. Secure a ticket for InDance ™ Gala night/networking

B. Workshops:

Participants have the option to sign up for workshops within the platform. Each workshop will be led by professional artists, lecturers and performers. We are keen to invite professional artists to provide a 1.5 session within our event. Selection is based upon experience, knowledge and current practice. Please provide all relevant information with a video links, for example Vimeo, YouTube, demonstrating your skills, knowledge and style. 

C. Star Lab (photography session/free make-up and hair stylist):

The photography session is open to all participants and artists. To book a session within the event, visit

D. Gala:

Selected professional dance works will be presented at our prestigious event on 8 April 2018. Artists may submit up to three dance works for inclusion within the platform. Selection for participation is based upon the following: execution, delivery, quality and precision of each dance work.  

All genres of dance are considered.
To submit an application please click on the link or visit

Please complete and up load relevant Vimeo and YouTube material for your entry into the competition, workshops or gala event.

Application deadline time:

17:30pm 1st March 2018