Opportunity for Choreographers - LUCKY TRIMMER Festival (Berlin)

The LUCKY TRIMMER festival seeks short pieces to feature at its 28th edition in April 2020 in Berlin

LUCKY you - it's TRIMMER time!
LUCKY TRIMMER is a platform for artists who take risks with their creative
vision. Be it mainstream or avant garde, LUCKY TRIMMER is open to all
genres of dance and performance. With a curated selection of short performances chosen for their novelty, ingenuity, and sass, LUCKY TRIMMER creates extravagant feature-length programs that showcase diverse perspectives, bold insight, and unfettered artistry. What unites our performers is their desire to dazzle, inspire, and move audiences. To tears, to laughter, to get down and boogie! So long as they can do it in under 10 minutes! Have you got what it takes to get LUCKY?

Who can apply?
LUCKY TRIMMER accepts applications from anyone and anywhere. Show us your solos, your duets, bring your whole dance crew. Our world revolves around contemporary dance but is open to all genres that are engaged with physicality, movement and performance. The only requirements are that:
• You are the choreographer or owner of the rights to the piece
• You do not require extensive technical support or lengthy set-up • The piece is 10 minutes or less

General conditions
The Tanz Performance Serie is a LUCKY TRIMMER e.V. event in collaboration with SOPHIENSAELE. It takes place during the Easter weekend each year and is held in Berlin at the prestigious SOPHIENSAELE theatre. Invited artists are required to perform three times and must take part in a short technical rehearsal as well as a dress rehearsal prior to the performances. Participants must be available for all rehearsals and performances.
LUCKY TRIMMER offers a production allowance of 500€. Accommodation (shared double occupancy) and a small financial contribution towards travel expenses might be provided depending on the available budget. LUCKY TRIMMER works with its network of co-production partners to provide featured artists with additional performance opportunities.

Send us your video and fill out the application form online: www.luckytrimmer.com
• Submissions are subject to a non-refundable application fee of 15€ for each application.
LUCKY TRIMMER does not receive any public funding and relies exclusively on a production team of volunteers and a network of private sponsors. The proceeds from your application fee are used exclusively for the realisation of the Tanz Performance Series.
• Deadline for applications: November 15th, 2019
• Announcement of the selection: December 23rd, 2019