Performing Arts Residencies - PimOff (Italy)

PimOff is a multifunctional performing space founded in 2005 in Milan. It promotes research in dance, performing arts and theatre, supporting the creative process of artists. A rich program of public performative events is supported by intensive training and creative residencies for artists.

Residencies are the main tool to support art productions. Citofonare PimOff supports emerging realities to realize creative projects of drama, dance, performing arts not still completed. PimOff offers a period of residency; at the end, artists/companies can share results with audience.

In order to apply to PimOff’s residency program, artists/companies are invited to send their creative projects and to propose an ‘educational’ open program including, for example, workshop, masterclass, open rehearsal or other moments that can involve audience and students from high-schools, universities and academies in Milan.

PimOff makes available theatre venues, theatre technical rider, accommodation and kitchen, a technician support (sound or lights), organization, promotion, press office support.

In order to apply send an e-mail to with:

  • application form (pdf. or docx. no photo, no filled out by hand)
  • a description of the project that would be developed during the residency
  • a biography of the artist/company (bio and website)
  • links to videos on YouTube or Vimeo (with password if required)(no files to share_no WeTransfer)
  • max. 3 photos (low definition and no-copyrighted)

Deadline 31 March 2018.