VMI Somatic Movement Practice Certification Program - Patricia Bardi

VMI Somatic Practice uniquely combines touch, breath, voice and movement. It integrates both creative expression and a deep understanding of the human body.

VMI Somatic Movement Practice Certification Program
27th Annual Somatic Movement Foundation Program 2019 - 2020
5 long weekends from November 2019 – June 2020 total of 25 days
INTRO DAY Sunday 15 September or 29 September from 10 – 17h.
with Patricia Bardi at the VMI Center, Amsterdam
combining Vocal Dance, Voice Movement Integration & Vital Movement Integration Bodywork

This Professional Training develops skills actively connecting dance, movement, voice, improvisation, integrative bodywork and physical re-patterning education.

Training combines Patricia Bardi’s innovative work, Vocal Dance, a creative practice that frees the voice to be fully alive and reflected in one's expressive vitality and movement. Voice Movement Integration (VMI) Practice & Vital Movement Integration Bodywork - somatic practices integrating voice and movement with the deepening process of bodywork to stimulate and organize the body’s physical-perceptual-emotional awareness.

VMI Somatic Practice Certification Program accreditation as Registered Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator (ISMETA) & Licensed Natural Health Practitioner (KTNO).

Introduction Days are 15 September or 29 September '19 or make an appointment via Skype to have all your questions answered.