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“I spoke with movement before I even knew what words were. And even after learning to speak, my movement has always been my trusted source of communication. My gateway to enhancing the transfer of feeling, experiences, stories and messages that are somewhat unspoken.”  - Kloé Dean

Embodying the beauty, rawness and realness of Hip Hop, Funk and Street Dance Styles, Kloé Dean has been creating, performing, competing and teaching these styles at elite level for over 15 years. Working and performing worldwide in over 20 countries with a wide range of companies, productions, music artists and communities. Founder and Artistic Director of all-female dance company, Myself UK Dance, Kloé has led and created training, performance opportunities, work and produced a range of events for dancers in London and the UK over the past decade.  

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What are you most excited about joining the new group of Work Place artists?
Meeting all the other artists. Being able to talk through my ideas, challenges and thoughts on developing my creative process and career. Having support in executing my work to a wider audience. 

Where do you seek or find inspiration for your work? 
I find inspiration for my work from my life experiences. Things I have gone through and felt as well as things I have witnessed other people go through. Music is a huge inspiration. People. Feelings. Questions. 

What does it mean for you to be an artist in this day and age? 
I am so grateful to be working as an artist and doing what I love. Especially through this crazy time during the pandemic. I am determined to experience and achieve all my creative plans. Especially if what I can create can help, entertain and support others.