COVID-19 Reopening FAQs

LCDS Students Reopening update

On this page, you will find the latest information about decisions regarding phased return to the building following the latest government announcement (22 Feb 2021).  

The Reopening group meet regularly to ensure a safe, phased and conscientious return to increased in-building activity.  

We will update this page with the latest information as the situation develops.  

This page was last updated Tue 2 Mar 2021.  

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On-site classes and Return to the building 

All Term 2 modules and assessments will remain online, as agreed in January. 


There will be practical classes on-site for the remainder of Term 2 and throughout much of the Easter break until 16 April. We are aiming to accommodate 2 classes per day, 3 to 4 days a week for each year group.  

The Term 3 modules and assessments will be run on-site from Monday 19 April, with some classes continuing online in a blended way (e.g., seminars, lectures, body con, Pilates etc).   

***If you can’t return to London just yet*** 

Overseas UG students who are unable to travel to London will continue to be supported online throughout the rest of this academic year. This will include live streaming of on-site classes to help you remain connected to your year group, tailored online-only classes, and specific feedback mechanisms that support your individual progress online. 


  • EDGE students will resume their practical training and creation processes at Studio Wayne McGregor 5 days a week, working through the Easter break.  

  • DAP students will be invited to take class in the building 2 to 3 times a week during Term 2.  

  • MA Screendance students will have access to studio space to work in groups for the rest of Term 2. 

From Monday 19 April, your modules and assessments will be run on-site with support online for anybody required to self-isolate. 


Travel & Testing 

If you travel to your term time accommodation to return to training, you should not travel home again at Easter. Please note that there will be one week when no classes are run (w/c 5 April) and that the building will be closed on Bank Holidays. 

If travelling to your term time accommodation, on arriving you should 'immediately' take 2 Lateral Flow tests (with 3 days apart and isolate between tests). This means that you should return to London at least 3 days before you return to the building to start classes to accommodate this. 

Following that, you should take 2 x Lateral Flow tests per week.  See here for more details.

If you are travelling from a 'surge testing' area, you should take an NHS PCR test before travelling to your term time accommodation and wait for a negative test result before returning 


Lateral Flow tests available to Staff and Students  

In accordance with the latest guidelines from the Department for Education for Higher Education, we are able to offer students  technique classes which follow the COVID-safe guidelines we established last year and/ or access to studios from 8 March. This is in addition to the ongoing online provision and all assessment for term 2 will take place online.  

All information can be found here

If the test is positive please do not come into the building but return home, self-isolate and follow the advice given on this website.  Please e mail to inform her of a positive test result. Please note that testing is in place to check if you are asymptomatic but have the virus. If you receive a negative test you should still adhere to the social distancing measures that are currently in place as it won’t prevent you from catching it (and then spreading it) between tests. 


Overseas Students 

Again, we will discuss all this information below at Friday’s All School Meeting. If any questions or concerns remain after that, you can contact Anna Helsby for further clarification  

  • All international students travelling to the UK must book a 'travel test package' before travelling using the booking portal. This costs £210. After arriving in the UK, you will need to take a Lateral Flow test on or before day 2 of arrival and again on or after day 8 (which you will have pre-booked using the booking portal). These tests will be taken in your own accommodation. The day of arrival is day 0. If the first test is positive, you need to self-isolate for a further 10 days (from the day of the first test) but do not need to take the second test.  

  • Before leaving for the UK, you will need proof of a negative COVID test that has been taken within 3 days of leaving your country of origin. 

  • You will need to complete a passenger locator form (details here)  

  • Unless you are travelling from or through a red list country, when arriving in the UK you will need to self-isolate for 10 days in your term time accommodation. Self-isolation can be reduced to 5 days by booking a private PCR test using the Test to Release scheme. The 10 days starts on the day that you left your country of origin. 

  • If you are using the Test to Release scheme, you will still have had to book a Lateral Flow test (via the booking portal) to be taken on or before day 2 of arrival and again on or after day 8. These tests will be taken in your own accommodation. The day of arrival is day 0. If the first test is positive, you need to self-isolate for a further 10 days (from the day of the first test) but do not need to take the second test. Even if you receive a negative result from a private PCR test, you need to take the 'day 8' Lateral Flow test 

  • If you are travelling from or through a red list country, you will need to quarantine in a government approved hotel and are not eligible for Test to Release. The cost of this is £1750. Details here 


COVID-19 safety measures 

We all need to work together to minimise the risk of spreading the virus and to keep each other safe. The government roadmap is set on the basis that it can shift back at any stage if infections start rising again. This means everybody must stick to the rules both within our building and outside of it to do our part in ensuring the roadmap reaches Step 4 by the 21 June. 

Rules within the building: 

  • Wear a face covering unless you are exempt. Please note: visors and face shields are no longer accepted as a suitable face covering due to a better understanding of aerosol transmission. Please only use a standard cloth or disposable face covering. 

  • Social distancing both in and outside the studio (keeping 2m apart) 

  • Follow the one-way system through the building 

Rules outside the building: 

  • From 8 March: The Stay at Home requirement will remain, but people can leave home for recreation outdoors such as a coffee or picnic with their household or support bubble, or with one person outside their household 

  • From 29 March: Outdoor gatherings of either 6 people or 2 households will be allowed, providing greater flexibility for families to see each other. This includes in private gardens. 

LCDS will continue to use the CDD Non-Academic Misconduct Procedure to issue formal warnings and penalties to any student who does not follow the rules as your safety is paramount.  


Safe Dance Practice & Periodization 

To keep you safe and injury free, we will be starting back working in the studios at appropriate intensities. For the remainder of Term 2 in the first 3 weeks following 8 March, we require that that there are no travelling or travelling floor-work sequences, in order to facilitate your safe transition back into the studio. This is both in terms of Covid safety and safe dance practice. However, as in Term 1, we will begin to introduce travelling when it is safe to do so 

We are also building in sufficient rest and recovery days and periods throughout the rest of this academic year. Teaching free days will be: 

  • Friday 2 April - Friday 9 April 

  • Monday 3 May (Bank Holiday) and Tuesday 4 May (extra recovery day) 

  • Monday 24 May - Tuesday 1 June (reading week plus bank holiday) 

  • Monday 21 June (extra recovery day) 

Mental Health and Well-Being 

There are a number of resources that can be found on the Student Well-Being page as well as contact information for the counsellors, Learning Support and Head of Registry and Student Well-Being. 

You can also attend Pam’s mindfulness session on Tuesday 8.15-8.45am, which will continue to run through term 2.  Details can be found on your Google Calendar. 

Ben Walford, the new Mental Health Advisor, who started with us this week, will be in communication about how to reach out to him in the coming weeks. 


Physical Support Services  

 Please check physical support access details on Google Classroom or email Kim for any questions. 


Library Access 

The Library will be open for booking to all returning students in the same way as it is now.