Professionals & Artist Development

Malik Nashad Sharpe is an artist working with choreography. They create performances that are formally experimental and engaged with the construction of atmosphere, affect, and dramaturgy. Their performances often utilise social themes and topics as portals to unveil and unearth ulterior and undercurrent perspectives. Often making underneath their alias and aesthetics project marikiscrycrycry, they have been especially concerned with the effective and textural qualities of dance and how it can transform, disarm, and critically reflect upon mourning and melancholia.

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What are you most excited about joining the new group of Work Place artists?
I’m excited to be in conversation with and alongside other artists who all have different approaches to dancing, choreography, and all of its constructions.

Where do you seek or find inspiration for your work?
Deep conceptual holes, images and visual phenomenon, video game design and virtual environments. The Internet.Movement itself. I spend a lot of time thinking about things like gestures. Like how and why a singular gesture can do so much, and I just get inspired by every part of that inquiry. I also get a lot of inspiration from my friends and peers who are really amazing artists doing really radiant shit.

What does it mean for you to be an artist in this day and age?
Asking difficult and sometimes unanswerable questions, leaning into complexity, riding sensation, a contemporary form of searching, philosophising, theorising, receiving and interpreting the joys and harshness of this world. Looking at the human condition. Taking risks, taking care.