Professionals & Artist Development


Modul-Dance is an artist development initiative supported by the European DanceHouse Network (EDN).

EDN is a pan-European network of dance organisations. Twenty members of this network from 16 different countries are collaborating on Modul-Dance, a multi-annual project funded by the European Union's Culture Programme, ran from 2010- 2014.

Modul-Dance focused on the development of independent professional dance artists by pooling the resources of these nineteen European dance houses and supporting selected artists to research, create and perform new work across Europe, making new partnerships, feeding artists with different resources and creating a multi national conversation.

Each year The Place nominated an artist as a Modul-Dance artist and that artist was given the opportunity to research, create, produce and present their work within the network.

In 2011, Frauke Requardt made Episode with the support of Modul-Dance, with a residency in Dublin, Ireland, a residency and production time in Tilburg, The Netherlands and presentations in Tilburg and Stockholm, Sweden.

In 2012, Ben Duke made Home for Broken Turns with the support of Modul-Dance, with residencies in Tilburg and presentations in Barcelona, Spain and Tilburg.

In 2013, Luca Silvestrini made Border Tales with the support of Modul-Dance, with research in Dusseldorf, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark.