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“You are on Mute” – LCDS Graduation Show 2021 Live and Online

15 Jul 2021

London Contemporary Dance School’s graduating class of 2021 presents works by Jamaal Burkmar, Kloe Dean, Janine Harrington and Nasa4Nasa.

Last year’s Graduation Show was prepared entirely remotely and presented only online. While for students it was a very different experience, the works were watched, played and browsed by thousands of people worldwide, showing a huge appetite to see these students’ works. Taking forward our learnings from the last 15 months, the 2021 Graduation show titled You are on Mute will once again be streamed online to a wider audience, while the limited socially distance seating capacity in our theatre is reserved for friends and family to experience the works live.

The Graduation show, presenting brand new works by commissioned artists Jamaal Burkmar, Kloe Dean, Janine Harrington and Nasa4Nasa Dance Collective (online only), is a celebration of the strength and perseverance of our students, who have managed to stay creative and open, and graduated university amidst the challenges we have faced this past year.

Reacting to the fluctuating and fast changing circumstances we currently live through, most students experienced working both live in the studio and remotely with their choreographers, forming bubbles for their pieces.

Jamaal Burkmaar chose three music tracks to base his piece for 18 young artists around. Interested in the different layers and textures of music to create small structures and patterns of movement, he urged the students to really listen and become aware of the smallest iterations and inflexions of music, and then put it all together like a mind puzzle of variations.

“We listened to one second of the track on a loop for two minutes, repeating the same movement, then slowly adding another second to carry on. That’s how we built the entire piece.” Isis Clunie, 3rd year student.

Kloe Dean worked with 15 young dancers, exploring the idea of leaving behind an establishment or a structure in life – a school, a relationship or a habit - and how you function leaving that structure. Built in three sections using three different tracks of music, the students explored three different emotions or approaches, such as forward-thinking and headstrong, uncertainty and decision paralysis, carefree confidence and surrendering to destiny.

“I specialise in hip hop, funk and street dance styles, so it has been a great challenge to work with these wonderful students who aren’t necessarily trained or used to the vocabulary that I work with. I look at them as young artists that have a lot to offer. As a dancer you may study one style but that doesn’t mean you can’t collaboratively work with other people, other styles or other situations. I hope that this experience opened up their thoughts to that.”

Janine Harrington worked with a smaller group of only 4 students on an intimate piece blending live performance and film projections. The students have used visual arts, fabrics, crafts techniques, as well as text, song, poetry and free writing tasks to explore an authentic representation of their creativity and their artistic expression.

“I am really interested to work interdisciplinary with dance and explore other arts forms. Janine is very open to our ideas and we had a lot of agency in creating this work. Everything was done in collaboration.” – Jule Niekamp, 3rd year student.

Nasa4Nasa, a dance collective based in Cairo founded by Noura Seif Hassanein and Salma Abdel Salam, worked with five young artists to create a YouTube playlist for the internet. This work has emerged through a series of scores and conversations. The premise of the work lies in 1960’ dance star Fred Herko’s spectacular jeté out of the window. Thinking through the excessiveness and campness of Herko’s final jeté, the group explores the fall of the vertical scroll in a YouTube playlist, generating a flow of falling feelings that speak to new beginnings, landings, endings, intimacy, and the suspension of time. Together they explore how feelings are filmed, recorded, stored, and recycled online, creating parallel worlds that often intersect and fall into each other.

You are on Mute will be shown live in the theatre from 6 – 9 July 2021 and booking is FREE

For the live performances there is limited capacity as the theatre has socially distanced seating.

The livestream of You are on Mute, broadcast live from The Place Theatre, is available to view on Wed 7 and Fri 9 Jul. You can book a FREE ticket on

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