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Announcing the Spring season at The Place

After a successful autumn season welcoming back eager audiences to experience live performance, The Place has started the new year with a programme of inspiring, surprising and relevant contemporary dance. We look forward to highlights such as the much-awaited new work by Lost Dog, the return of Work Place Artist Jamaal Burkmar and the UK premiere of a new work by Léa Tirabasso.

Spring is also the time where we welcome a lot of young people to showcase their talent, handing our stage over to students of London Contemporary Dance School, Youth Dance companies from across London and primary school children from our local borough of Camden. 

“It has been a joy to welcome audiences back into our theatre and we look forward to sharing more incredible dance together this spring.  We are delighted to be co-producing Lost Dog’s new production, A Tale of Two Cities, which will run for two weeks, and to be bringing Jamaal Burkmar’s Donuts, The Place & Extended Play’s co-production, back to London after a national tour. We are also pleased to be presenting in partnership with London International Mime Festival for the first time, and continuing to work with Artists4Artists to showcase the very best hip hop dance. “ The Place Programming Team

Highlights of the season include:

  • A Tale of Two Citiesa brand new show by the ever popular company Lost Dog and choreographerBen Duke, co-produced by The Place (23 FEB – 5 MAR)

  • Heather Agyepong’s powerful solo performance The Body Remembers

  • Yorke Dance Project tribute to Robert Cohan

  • Starving Dingoes by Léa Tirabasso, a collaboration with oncologists Simone Niclou and Alex Gentry-Maharaj to create bridges between dance and science. 

For the first time, The Place is proud to be one of the seven venues hosting the London International Mime Festivalthe UK’s annual festival of contemporary visual theatre, which runs from 12 January to 6 February 2022. 

The Place will present (le) PAINthe first solo show from Jean-Daniel Broussé, well known internationally as one half of the hugely successful Nikki & JD acro duo (18 & 19 JAN). JD was born to inherit the French bakery run by four generations of his family. Instead, he ran away to join the circus. In his first solo show JD travels acrobatically through a universe of bread-making, physical heroics and growing up queer in strait-laced provincial France.

After a sell-out run at Battersea Arts Centre in 2021, Heather Agyepong’s powerful solo performance The Body Remembers explores how trauma lives in the body, particularly for Black British women across different generations. Created and performed by multidisciplinary artist and actor Heather Agyepong, the show features interviews of Black British women in trauma recovery, creating a unique and compelling relationship between the audience and artist, and a collective cathartic experience (28&29 JAN). 

Shadows by Company Chameleon is a dark and psychological thriller told through dance and movement. Six characters and their shadow counterparts are swept into different stories and places, and slowly their inner worlds, hidden personalities, and unconscious desires are revealed. In his first full-length work since Beauty of The Beast (★★★★ Guardian), choreographer Anthony Missen, uses an end of the world hypothesis and Carl Jung’s model of the psyche to explore human behaviour and our darker selves. The result is a gripping piece of dance theatre, questioning the identity of our own personal shadows and those of our era. (10 FEB). 

“A genuinely impressive hour of world-class contemporary dance.” The Greater Manchester Reviewer

Starving Dingoes by Léa Tirabasso is an essential albeit brutal race for survival, portraying the urgency to live furiously and passionately. It is a race for five dancers, who through the body and its language, explore the vital brutal  to stay together, like a pack of grandiose and obsessive, primitive and bestial beings. The piece delves into our potential reactions to the dysfunctional element of the group; to repair it or sacrifice it in order to save the whole. (12 FEB). 

After delighting audiences across the UK in 2021, DONUTS, by Work Place Artist Jamaal Burkmar (Extended Play) returns to The Place with this 'thrilling & joyful' (Greenwich Visitor) show following one night, separated over several years in the life of a group of friends. Inspired by classic sitcoms of the 90s & 00s, DONUTS is a celebration of how music brings people together, no matter what life throws at them. Bursting with precision and soul, it is a hypnotic and playful ‘groove along’ to jazz and funk (15 FEB). 

'I found myself engrossed in this Friends TV show style format with its playful inclusive nature' - Brum Hour

Much anticipation is expected for the London premiere of A Tale of Two Cities, a brand new, long awaited and ambitious show by the award-winning dance theatre company LOST DOG and its Director, Affiliate Artist Ben Duke. After the huge success of Paradise Lost (lies unopened beside me) and Juliet & Romeo, this re-staging of Dickens’ bestselling novels will be part dance, part theatre, part fictionalised documentary, employing on stage camera use as a story-telling tool (23 FEB – 5 MAR). 

Artists4Artists are presenting a double bill of two fine Hip Hop theatre makers, Jamaal O’Driscoll and Yami Löfvenberg, exploring mental health, stigmatisation and identity (26 MAR). Crabs in a Barrel by O'Driscoll Collective explores themes of toxic masculinity, stereotypes and disruption, bringing together three dancers of a range of movement specialisms, alongside a bespoke sound score using spoken word that has been inspired by research and interviews with black creatives in the Midlands. Building on the success of his previous work ONE%, Crabs in a Barrel solidifies O’Driscoll’s creative voice as one to watch in the Hip Hop Theatre sector.

Happyendingfication is an autobiographical solo written and performed by Hip Hop dance theatre maker and director Yami Löfvenberg. This new work uncovers the marginalised conversation around the impacts of being an adult adoptee. It explores trauma, stigmatization, identity, and the media’s damaging portrayal of adoption. Löfvenberg's work often tackles hard-hitting subjects with a thought-provoking darkly comedic lens using multidisciplinary artforms and this new work pushes her brilliant heartfelt storytelling to a brave new level and premiers her first full-length solo piece. 

For family audiences during half term, Sonia Sabri Company creates a playful and colourful world of live music and physical storytelling in Same Same...but different, a lively family show exploring our curiosities and fears, celebrating diversity, storytelling and human connection in a blend of kathak, hip hop and contemporary dance for audiences 5+ (16 FEB). Inspired by the well-known Anglo-Asian phrase ‘same, same...but different’, meaning "Yes, something kind of similar, but not the exact same thing”, the three performers conjure a magical atmosphere that celebrates our individuality, diversity and the bonds which connect us all.

Stories of a Little Watersprite (19 FEB) is set within the underwater world of a pond slowly being taken over by pollution. Sophie Nüzel’s work for children and families uses storytelling, movement and puppetry to tell a tale of community, support and belonging. The show is recreated at each venue and performed by three professional performers and an intergenerational local cast.

After the last 18 months of mostly remote or virtual experiences, we are delighted to once again give the stage to young people for live performances, with the return of The Place’s Youth Dance Platform (12 MAR), our annual showcase of diverse youth dance companies from across London, and a return of our ever popular Camden Primary Schools showcase (22&23 MAR), welcoming local children from our 14 Partner Schools to share their creative work on stage.

Undergraduate students from London Contemporary Dance School will perform in the theatre on 31 JAN–5 FEB and 16–18 MAR, and Verve, the postgraduate company of Northern School of Contemporary Dance will take to the stage on 19 MAR.

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