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Covid-19 impact on our organisation

1 Sep 2020

The impact of the pandemic has resulted in serious financial challenges for The Place.  It has required us to work tirelessly to seek all support available, to maximise income-generating activity and to develop multiple budget scenarios to help build a sustainable and realistic plan. We have used our mission to “power imagination through dance” to help sustain us through a period of challenge and change. 

As well as reducing costs, we have offered a series of avoidance measures which have included reduced hours, pay freeze, sabbaticals, and voluntary severance.  

Despite our best efforts and the generous assistance of the government’s furlough scheme and the Arts Council England Emergency Fund, regrettably approximately 17% of our staff are now at risk of redundancy. 

We are acutely aware of the devastating impact this process has on people’s lives and are heart-broken to have to resort to such extreme measures. The cultural industry is made up of dedicated and hardworking people and The Place is no exception. Along with the rest of the sector, we regret the effect of this pandemic on thousands of jobs and the institutions bringing us the joys of arts and culture.  

Our priorities remain to secure The Place’s survival whilst minimising the impact on our students’ education, audiences and participants’ experiences and protecting as many jobs as possible. 

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