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The Place and Peut-ÊtreTheatre bring Magic into the Classroom this December

20 Nov 2020

After a more than unusual year with too much screen time and not enough play time, The Place and Peut-Être Theatre set out to bring smiles, laughter and live performance back to children around Camden and beyond.

Knowing how much schools will be missing their usual Christmas theatre trip this year, it feels more important than ever to find a special way for children to enjoy cultural activities.

That's why The Place have commissioned world-class children’s theatre companyPeut-Être Theatre to design performative dance workshops based on their imaginative, lockdown dance podcasts, Audiomoves! These sessions move seamlessly between performance and workshop and are designed to encourage children to move, dance and get creative with a screen-free activity.

Each workshop is facilitated by a professional dancer and musician from the company who, together with the children, will use movement, music and imagination to dive into different worlds... Leave it to Peut-Être to do what they do best and breathe a bit of magic into the school day!


Key Information:

Target age range: Reception - Year 3

About Audiomoves

We at Peut Être Theatre love to dance, but lately we have been doing a lot of sitting at home and in school, with more screen time than play time. So we decided to shake our bodies and minds awake and created a podcast for little ones and big ones to move to! 

Can you move around the room like there is a bird fluttering in your belly? Or wriggle your feet as if you have jelly knees and move your arms as if you are underwater seaweed? Join us as we bounce, jump and float around the space using our imaginations to leave the school hall behind! 

Reviews for Peut Être

“Peut-Être Theatre reminds us that there is more on heaven and earth than is imagined… You just have to believe. Or be convinced by expert practitioners of the magic of theatre.” - British Theatre Guide

“Peut-Être have a great knack for casting fresh eyes on supposedly commonplace concepts, encouraging an imaginative curiosity in their audience that they can take with them after the show.” - Children’s Theatre Reviews


We understand the concerns and additional precautions that come with external visitors in schools in the current COVID-19 climate. We are following all government guidelines closely to deliver workshops safely in schools. Using our own expertise as a theatre and Higher Education provider, we are committed to ensuring workshops are COVID secure without detracting from the experience for children.  

Our constant commitment to schools is to provide children with high-quality, memorable dance experiences that engage and excite and we are confident that we can deliver on this promise regardless of how the setting may change.  

More information about The Place’s partner schools programme can be found here.


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