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Submitted by caroline on Mon, 2020-03-09 15:10

Warmest farewell to Richard Alston Dance Company

Over the weekend, Richard Alston Dance Company took the stage at Sadler’s Wells for the Final Edition performances. The weekend drew hundreds of friends, loyal supporters and past RADC dancers together to witness a heartfelt and extraordinary set of performances.  

Sir Richard has been part of The Place from the very beginning and this year the organisation celebrates turning 50. With Richard, The Place has fulfilled the ambition of founders - Robin Howard OBE, Sir Bob Cohan and Janet Eager to inject modern dance in Britain and with his blessing we can safely cast forward to the next 50 years with a vision for a “world with more dance.”  

For the last 5 decades there has been a resident company at The Place: 25 years with London Contemporary Dance Theatre and 25 years with Richard Alston Dance Company. Both companies have irrefutably shaped the thinking, practices and identity of The Place and left an indelible mark on British Contemporary Dance. In doing so they have paved the way for the next generation of artists to re-imagine the world of contemporary dance.  

RADC’s prolific success owes much to its formidable dancers, many of whom have gone on to lead illustrious careers or remained dedicated to supporting Richard’s work. A very special thanks must go to Rehearsal Director and Choreographer Martin Lawrence and Executive Director Isabel Tamen who have played an indispensable role in supporting Sir Richard and his work, first as dancers and then as key members of the Company’s Executive Team.  

The Place is enormously and forever grateful to Sir Richard for his leadership, his great love and commitment to teaching and for his sublime artistic choreography. As a living and legacy, London Contemporary Dance School will continue to teach his repertoire. 

From his time as a student amongst the first cohort of London Contemporary Dance School students, to his choreographic work as an independent artist and then as Artistic Director of The Place and of Richard Alston Dance Company for the past 25 years, The Place remains indebted to Sir Richard Alston. 

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