Choreodrome 2017 artists

Supporting dance artists to research and develop performance ideas.

Here’s a list of the artists who took part in Choredrome 2017 and an outline of their creative projects:

Anders Duckworth

The interplay between digital technology and the analogue body.
Photo by Lee Carter

Andy Smith

Andy Smith investigates what happens when he uses only the forms of song and dance. 

Amy Bell

Riding the blustery winds of aspiration, becoming and transformation as they sweep across the shifting landscape of the gendered body. 

Botis Seva

Botis will be developing themes, characters and textual language in his political hooligan piece Guvnas.
Photo by Camilla Greenwell 

Colin Poole

I am working with Charlie Morrissey on research for a solo performance exploring race, identity and trauma. 
Photo by Mark Alesky

Divya Kasturi

Re-imagination of an iconic19th Century classical Tamil composition on love, in collaboration with Chitra Sundaram.

Eva Recacha

There are 2 people. They are dead. They are bored.

Gracefool Collective

Building on their collective working practice Gracefool will research rituals and social codes of 'twosomeness'.
Photo by Maria Alzamora

Greg Wohead

Marching is a research project investigating large scale choreographic formations inspired by a Texas marching band.


The initial research into Humanhood’s first group dance production Torus

Jamaal Burkmar

The idea is pure build. Music and Dance begin at 0 and end at 100.
Photo by Danilo Moroni

James Wilton

Time will be spent researching our next work The Storm, focussing on exploring narrative. 
Photo by Steve Tanner

Jennifer Malarkey

Deaf Choir
Deaf singers interpret a classical score as dancers translate their voices into movement. 
Working to understand, through children’s active participation, the ways in which we are writing their future.

Lea Tirabasso

"to ask pity of your body is like discoursing with an octopus"
Photo by Claire Barthélémy

Lizzie Klotz

Fawn is an exploration of the act of fawning. Why do we seek to please?
Photo by Janina Sabaliauskaite

Lola Maury

Brouhaha. A curiosity to experience rapid, complex and passionate mass activity... in complete silence

Mbulelo Ndabeni

An Afro-Flamenco contemporary fusion inspired by the symbol of the African Queen. 

Sinéad Rushe

Loaded: dance-theatre show exploring weight, gravity and what happens when we face the limits of our strength. 
Photo Credit by Peter Hallward