Step 2: Criteria

Applications for Resolution 2018 will open at the start of July 2017

Resolution is open to all UK-based choreographers and performance makers whose work fulfil the following criteria:

  • The work features live dance performance
  • The choreographer is a professional artist who is not in full time education, unless a postgraduate student 
  • The choreographer must be a full-time resident in the UK between the application deadline and performance date (those resident in Europe should apply to Aerowaves)
  • Every company member must be able to provide proof, where appropriate, of their eligibility to work in the UK 
  • If selected, the work applied with should be the same as the work that is performed
  • The work is between 15 and 25 minutes long  
  • The work has simple technical requirements (each company will have a maximum of three hours technical preparation in the theatre on the day of the performance) 
  • Every Company member is over 18 years of age
  • The work was not made whilst the choreographer was an undergraduate student ​
  • The choreographer MUST attend the following compulsory meetings at The Place:
    • Briefing meeting (with the Company Manager / Project Manager, if appropriate) on Mon 25 Sept 2017
    • Communications Meeting on Tue 3 Oct 2017
    • Technical Pre-production Planning Workshop on Thu 23 Nov 2017

Priorities for selection

Resolution is always over-subscribed. When making your application, please think about our priorities for selection, which are:

  • Work that is contemporary in its content and ideas whatever its style or form
  • Work that involves choreographers, dancers and other collaborators who have completed full-time vocational training. No youth companies please. For opportunities like this please head to our Fresh page.
  • Group work rather than solos 
  • Work by experienced dancers or performance makers at the outset of their choreographic career 
  • Work by artists who are actively pursuing a career in professional dance and performance
  • Completed application forms including all performers information such as training and role in production
  • We are interested in strong video links to support your application. Please only show choreographic ideas relating to the work described in the application, or previous choreographic works which are similar in style, or show a clear progression. 5 minutes maximum.

For Evolution only: work that shows a clear artistic progression from your previous work