Contemporary Level 1 with Ellyn Hebron

Spring 2018

£120 / £114 (enrolment) £14 / £12 (drop in)

While exploring multiple styles, Ellyn’s classes will build confidence in technical exercises which draw on Cunningham and release-based techniques. Stability and coordination will be challenged, increasing the level of complexity as exercises progress. Ellyn’s practice teaches an understanding of the skills needed to move in and out of the floor safely, working on strengthening each week to improve control and clarity in longer combinations.

Class description:

This Level 1 class is for participants with some knowledge of contemporary dance and over a years’ dance experience. You will look at a more developed dance vocabulary and a greater sense of body awareness in the space. Classes will work with longer phrases aimed at increasing physicality, performativity and musicality. Working with a more codified structure, you will prepare the body for an increase in activity throughout the class.

Artist’s biography:

After graduating from London Contemporary Dance School in 2013, Ellyn joined EDge Postgraduate Company touring internationally for a year. Since then she has toured Glyndebourne’s Saul across the UK in 2015, headlining as part of Adelaide’s Opera Festival, Australia in 2016. She is currently studying for an MA in teaching and will be working at Royal Opera House throughout 2017.



Times: 6.30-8pm
Duration: 90 mins
Venue: at The Place
Day: Friday
Level: Level 1
Style: Contemporary

Term Dates