Contemporary Introduction with Hagit Yakira Dance

Spring 2018

Enrolment only, £120 / £114

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This class celebrates movement with specific emphasis on embracing group dynamics, developing musical appreciation and encouraging participants to enjoy moving. Taking influence from Hagit’s time as a dance movement therapist and her philosophical view to dance, these classes will encourage an emotional and experimental approach to dancing. 

Artist’s biography:

Hagit Yakira dance connects people through subtle and striking dance. With emotion at its core and a sophisticated movement style, the work resonates intimately with audiences. Hagit leads her company with infectious energy, enthusiasm and a genuine interest in her collaborators’ own artistic voices and stories. The company today is a collective of artists sharing her vision and an appreciation for dance as a down-to-earth medium for expression and connection.  

Class description:

This popular class is aimed at beginners looking to introduce contemporary dance technique into their life. These sessions will establish some of the key principles of contemporary techniques created by pioneers of modern dance (Graham, Cunningham, Limon and release-based). The classes will encourage creativity and physicality through a combination of exercises and phrases. Attention will be paid to alignment and core strength alongside creativity to give you the confidence to progress onto Contemporary Improvers level. 


Times: 8pm - 9.30pm
Duration: 90 mins
Venue: at The Place
Day: Friday
Level: Introduction
Style: Contemporary