Candoco Artists: Annie Hanauer & Susanna Recchia

Candoco Dance Company

A renowned contemporary dance company of disabled and non-disabled dancers founded in the UK in1991, Candoco Dance Company produces excellent and profound experiences for audiences and participants that excite, challenge and broaden perceptions of art and ability, placing people and collaboration at the heart of their work.

Led by Candoco Artists Annie Hanauer and Susanna Recchia , the workshop will be a unique opportunity for dancers to come together, take risks, test news ideas and share practice. 

The workshop is open to disabled and non-disabled dancers (age 18+) at various stages in their professional career and who want to enjoy a creative experience with Candoco Dance Company.

Annie Hanauer’s bio

Susanna Recchia bio

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Times: 11:00-17:00
Duration: 360 mins
Venue: at The Place

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