Introduction to Ballet Technique

A six-session recorded series

£40 I Buy 2 recorded series and save 10%!

Learn at your leisure with our new Introduction to Ballet Technique series!

This six-session series led by professional teacher Michelle Ballentyne, will introduce you to the fundamental principles of Ballet.

Joined by live musician Nicholas Hewlett and demonstrator Blue Makwana, Michelle will explain important Ballet terms and help you discover your core stability, flexibility, posture, and alignment - and not to mention the joy of dancing!

Each session is approximately 30 minutes long and they have been designed with small spaces in mind, making them ideal for use at home.

As the series is recorded you will be able to pause, rewind, re-watch as many times as you like to complete the exercises, moving through the sessions at your own pace and in your own time.

By the end of the series, we hope you will have gained confidence in your knowledge of Ballet technique and continue your learning.


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  • By the end of the series we hope you have discovered the joy that dance brings!

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Disclaimer: When participating in our online classes at home, you are doing so at your own risk. The Place cannot be held responsible or liable for any injury to yourself, or damage to any personal property that may occur when taking part in any classes. We have put together a checklist to help minimise risk to yourself and those around you: please read this thoroughly before taking part in any online sessions. You can download our Safe practice at home checklist at the bottom of this page.



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