Our Work with Secondary Schools

What we do

Centre for Advanced Training, affectionately called CAT, are a part-time pre-vocational dance training programme, specialising in contemporary dance, ballet and creative studies. We deliver world-class training which is designed to prepare young people (11-18 years) for full time dance education at conservatoire or university level. 

If your Secondary school is interested in getting involved and understanding more about Centre for Advanced Training, we have a range of offers that can be tailored to your students and school, for no cost at all.

What we offer:

  • We can visit your School for a one of workshop led by an experienced dance teacher.
  • You can visit The Place for one of workshop led by an experienced dance teacher.
  • We can visit your school for longer-term projects. This could be a four to six week intensive with an experienced dance teacher and practitioner. Or we could lead an afterschool club for a whole term or just one week.
  • You can visit The Place, where we hold our CAT classes. This could be on Tuesday or Wednesday or even for a whole Saturday. You will watch a CAT classes, listen to a short talk about what we do and have a tour of our building.

You can choose as many options from the list above as you like, so it is a bespoke package for what suits your school and pupils.  

How to get involved:

Email Vicky, the CAT Manager, if you are interested in having a workshop, a visit to The Place or a longer-term project with us.

If you have something else in mind that would work for your school, please get in touch and we can chat about an offer that works for you.